Here’s how to reduced corn off the cob…the mess-free street! This simple trick provides it easy to usage the kernels for salads and soups.

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Wondering the best method to reduced corn? You’re not alone. Go to cut corn for a soup or corn salad, and also inevitably you’ll gain the kernels all over your kitchen counter and floor. We’ve had actually this problem and end up finding corn kernels job later. So we were elated to find there’s a secret to obtaining all those kernels to collect in one place. Here’s the method that works prefer a charm: how to cut corn off of the cob!

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What you require to cut corn off the cob

The vital to this an approach is in your equipment. You need two items:

A bundt pan (or rimmed baking paper or dish). You can also use a tube pan: otherwise well-known as an point of view food cake pan. Don’t have one? You deserve to use a rimmed baking sheet or baking dish, with a folded towel placed under it. A spicy chef’s knife. A great sharp knife is additionally key. Don’t try this with a paring knife or small knife.

How to cut corn turn off the cob…the mess-free street!

The idea behind this secret method is this: location the corn cob in the raised center of the bundt pan. Once you reduced the corn, the sloped political parties of the pan catch all the kernels! It sounds unbelievable: till you try it. Right here are the simple steps:

Place the guideline of the corn cob right into the hole in the middle of the pan. Host the bottom that the corn cob securely through your non-cutting hand. (If using a baking paper or dish, location a bath towel underneath. Hold the corn vertically and also rest the bottom appropriate on the sheet.)Use a big chef’s knife to reduced in a downward motion, letting the corn cobs kernels collection neatly into the bundt pan.

Recipes that usage fresh corn kernels

That’s it! currently you understand the secret.

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Let united state know exactly how it walk in the comments below! There space lots of good corn recipes wherein you can use this brand-new skill. Try it in:

Don’t have actually a bundt pan? use a rimmed baking sheetPrint
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