Multicellular, eukaryotic bio (with true nuclei and also other organelles) heterotrophs (rely on other organism for their food supply), whose cells absence of cell walls.

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-Feeding: Most pets ingest (or eat) food. They room classify according their food source: Herbivores (plants), Carnivores (other animals: predator-prey), Omnivores (animals and plant), Detritivores or scavanger (dead animals), Parasite (feed ~ above the host).
-Respiration: take in oxygen and also give turn off carbon dioxide. Most pets have evolved facility tissues and also organ solution for respiration.
-Excretion: Excretory mechanism to elimitante metabolic wastes. Excretory solution helps preserve homeostasis.
-Response: Respond come stimuli (event in their atmosphere such as, sound, and also light) using committed cells referred to as nerve cells.
-Movement: Most animals are motile (they move), Muscle contractions enables motile pets to move around, typically by functioning in combination with a assistance structure called a skeleton.
-Reproduction: Sexually by producing haploid gametes with meiosis, this reproduction mantain genetic diversity in population, hence improving species" abilities come evolve as soon as the environment changes. Asexually: allows animals to rise their numberrs rapidly. Techniques of asexual reproduction incorporate not just fission and budding but also fragmentation, and also regeneration.
Complex pets tend to have actually high levels of cell specialization and also internal organization, bilateral symmetry, cephalization, and body cavity.

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Echinoderms and all vertebrates space deuterostomes. This similarity may suggest that vertebrates have a nearby evolutionary relationship to echinoderms. (won"t it is in evaluated)
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Pouch ti lug young through beforehand infancy
Egg laying mammals
Chepalopods. Can have a body of 4 meters long with tentacles end 9 metres long.
Can measure up 9.7 m across and weigth an ext than 272 kg