Easily learn how to say give thanks to you in Turkish. This is a very straightforward trick that the locals teach me therefore I always remember just how to say many thanks in Turkish!


I lived and also worked in Istanbul for three months during one summer. I had no idea i was walk to continue to be that lengthy until ns arrived and so countless lovely Turks available me help.

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One of the first things ns learned, of course, was how to say thank you in Turkish. It’s best to find out this in any kind of language, but due to the fact that I was living and also working here, the went a long way. Add to learning exactly how to speak “no, give thanks to you” is probably just as crucial so you have the right to avoid any type of issues through the expected attention indigenous Turkish men.

If girlfriend learn just a few words in the aboriginal tongue that the country you space visiting, it really provides a difference in how locals law you.

How come Say thank You in Turkish

Istanbul and the Bosphorous

In Turkish, the words because that ‘thank you’ room teşekkür ederim, pronounce tesh-e-koor eh-deh-rem. An easy way to remember it is come say “tea, sugar, a dream.” it’s not specifically the exact same of course, but you deserve to use it as a tool to psychic the words.

Many shop owners I met in among the ideal neighborhoods in Istanbul, the old town, Sultanahmet, told me this. Not only does it sort of sound like the phrase, that is additionally poignant due to the fact that having tea with a regional in Turkey (or so countless other parts of the world) is a way of connecting.

It is the perfect way to think that ‘thank you’ and a good way yes, really to think that the Turkish world who to be overwhelmingly hospitable and friendly. In ~ first, you may be overwhelmed (especially together a woman) through so many Turkish men and also shop owners talking come you, do the efforts to market you rugs, and also offer friend tea, however once you obtain to recognize the Turks, they are exceptionally warm, generous, and giving.


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How to Say No say thanks to You in Turkish

Also, it’s good to recognize the much more informal “thanks” is teşekkürler, pronounced tesh-eh-koo-lehr.  And, honestly simply as important is currently to say “no thank you” which is Hayir Sağol (hi-ear sa-owl).

In Turkish there’s a slim difference in between sağol and teşekkürler. Sağol has actually a deeper definition to great the human being to live well and also healthy.


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Time to leaving Turkey

Yesilkoy – Istanbul

I simply wanted to take it a second to thank everyone for your thoughtful responses to my last article on whether I need to stay in Istanbul or relocate on and start travel again. Ns was an extremely touched by every the wonderful and also heartfelt comments i received—some indigenous old friends indigenous ‘way back when’ and also others indigenous brand new friends that I’ve met recently throughout my travels.

It is so exceptional to me to it is in so far away and also yet so many friends autumn what they space doing to send me an email to give me honest advice. The brightened my spirits tremendously.

Istanbul – Cidem & Ahmet’s

The most usual thing ns heard to be how numerous were surprised that i hadn’t had these reflective moment sooner. I think ns have had actually them here and there, but not this strongly simply because I’ve had actually a the majority of time in Istanbul to gain lost in my own brain—a occasionally scary, scary place!

I to be trying to not worry around ‘what I will do when I obtain home… or because that the rest of mine life’ now. It’s not always easy, but I carry out want come live in the moment and that is what I must be doing. I have really enjoyed this trip and have uncovered myself smiling while ns tell others around it—so I recognize it’s been amazing.

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Instead of going because that a ‘visa run’ after ~ my three month tourist visa expires, I will certainly most likely say goodbye come Turkey and also head phibìc to components of east Europe, starting in Romania. I execute like Turkey and also could conveniently stay here… but there are much more places I desire to watch to feel prefer I’ve ‘completed’ mine journey.

I have actually stayed right here longer than all over else I’ve continued to be on my whole trip and also I really do like Istanbul. It is chock full of several of the friendliest, most useful people i have met everywhere in the world. And also I will more than likely be in tears the first couple of days after ns leave too… since I have actually really made a nice circle of good, kind friends here—who even dragged my ass out during my under in the dumps day and also made me feel far better too. It’s great to constantly have friends about me physically and also in spirit, even when i’m this much away!