just how to each other these species of dragon which have special aspects (not fire, earth, plant etc.) on their tag in the game. They just have a sun, a moon or a rainbow. What basic elements must be mixed for every of them? Which kind of (hybrid i suppose) dragons need to I mix to obtain those ones?


Rainbow Dragons are randomly bred native any mix that contends least 4 various elements.

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Moon/Sun dragons deserve to only it is in bred through a combo including cold and also lightning. Sunlight dragons room bred between 7am and 7 pm if moon dragons space bred in between 7pm and also 7am. No, that"s not a rumor. Dragons need to be at the very least level 15 or greater or rather this will certainly be an extremely difficult.

Scorch/Cold are popular pairings for both sun and also moon.

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Rainbow Dragons require at the very least 4 elements while Sun and Moon need Lightning and also Cold. Sunlight Dragons can be bred in between 7AM and 7PM ~ above your maker clock. Moon Dragons have the right to be bred in between 7PM and also 7AM ~ above your an equipment clock. There space several possible combinations that have the right to be offered as provided on this comfortable chart.


I gained a Rainbow Dragon by reproduction a level 10 blue fire with a level 10 crystal Dragon ~ above the first try. :)


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