Full House might be a comedy series, yet it wasn’t afraid to touch on some tough topics, consisting of the fatality of the matriarch the the Tanner family, Pamela. During a couple of episodes, however, pan learned what this character to be like prior to the vehicle accident.

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Pam Tanner to be the mother of the DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle

Full House has several iconic characters who do an appearance. Yes sir the motorcycle-riding guitarist Jesse Katsopolis. Yes the cartoon-loving comedian Joey Gladstone. There’s also Danny Tanner, the dad of 3 girls, at the facility of the all.

Throughout this series, this family members tackles the hardships that life. The even consists of discussing the death of one family member — Jesse’s sister and Danny’s partner, Pamela Tanner.

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Pam Tanner died in a automobile accident

Shortly after Michelle Tanner is born, Pam Tanner die in a car accident. The collection begins adhering to her death when Joey and also Uncle Jesse move into the residence to aid Danny raise the 3 girls.

On a few different occasions, the characters mention the she died since of a drunk driver. This event, in turn, affected DJ and her decisions as a young adult.

Despite Kimmy’s drunk protesting, DJ takes the keys to she car and also drives she home. Once Kimmy doesn’t pardon DJ, the Tanner sister described that she shed her mommy at the hand of a drunk driver — she wasn’t about to shed her best friend. 

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‘The wonder of Thanksgiving’ episode taught fans an ext about Pam Tanner

Fans learned an ext about this character from the story told by she loved ones. On Thanksgiving, Uncle Jesse said Danny around the time he provided her an American flag-themed makeover with “two points of finger paint and vanilla pudding.”

In “The wonder of Thanksgiving” episode, DJ pointed out that Pam constantly used to say, “Smiles room free, so give them away.” Joey Gladstone also shared that since her laugh to be “contagious,” that would constantly put her in the front row of his comedy reflects to get the totality audience laughing.

In another episode that the series, “Goodbye, Mr. Bear,” Danny pulled the end a home video clip of Pam Tanner, the remainder of the family, and also Stephanie’s beloved stuffed animal.

The video was taken once they first brought Michelle residence from the hospital. After watching because that a few minutes, DJ said just how beautiful their mom was.

Pam Tanner’s love also extended years after Full House ended. For Netflix’s spinoff series, Fuller House, Uncle Jesse and also Aunt Becky adopted a daughter that they called Pamela Katsopolis. During one episode, Jesse stated that she was named after his so late sister.

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Most episodes of Full House are available for streaming top top Hulu. All 5 seasons the the Netflix original spinoff series, Fuller House, are available on the streaming platform, Netflix.