Yesterday i was the town hall Wrath that Titans and my mam asked "did those exist?" turn off course not i said her... However then, i want to know just how long the wingspan of those mythic animals would need to be because that them come realistically have the ability to fly.

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Please, take this right into consideration:

The pegasus is choose a horse with wings.

The musculature needed to move the wings with the required pressure should not be taken into factor to consider (optional, think about them).

The wings should be bird like, not bat-like or fly-like.

Please, five please, because that the benefits of sciencie and everything that's good, usage metric system

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I started with this DotPhysics post that does the calculation for humans by extrapolating indigenous birds:

Eyeballing the graph, that looks like equines (which ns assume are about 450 kg) will need a wingspan that 10-20 meters.

But then we should wonder how the pegasus offers those wings to fly. You mention birdlike, yet there is a large variety in bird-flight. On one end, over there is hummingbird-style trip (allows for hovering, yet requires big muscles and huge wings). Top top the other finish there is albatross trip (takes benefit of weather equipment to minimization muscle usage).

This thread has actually a nice discussion from which i got much more numbers:

In particular, we deserve to probably preeminence out Hummingbird-style flight. The muscles would interfere v the horse's leg muscles and also would come to be heavy contrasted to the horses body mass.

However, one commentor mentions the Piper J-3 Cub, an aircraft with a mass comparable to that of a horse and also a wingspan that ~11 meters. It has a stall rate of 38 mph.

The 25 mph number is actually fortunate, since 25 mph is also the usual galloping speed for horses. Therefore a horse with albatross style wings could run to accomplish liftoff.

I deserve to use the elevator equation native this web page on Wikipedia to calculate what the new wingspan would have to be, assuming the wings have a comparable efficiency to the Piper J-3 Cub:

The elevator is proportional come airspeed squared and the area. Thus, I have the right to construct the adhering to equation (Assuming the width and also span scale together):

(25 mph)2 *(Horse Wingspan) *(Horse soup Width) = (38 mph)2 * (Piper Wingspan) * (Piper soup Width)

Thus, the brand-new horse wingspan is 17 meters or 51 feet.

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As most equines are just 8 feet long, their wings would require at the very least 3 elbow joints in order to fold follow me their flank choose Pegasus's wings room often shown to fold.