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Tyra Tennyson Francis, MD, is a board-certified household medicine physician and currently serves together the medical director of an outpatient clinic.

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Adolescence is a time for development spurts and also other alters spurred by the start of puberty. Because that boys confronted with this changes, it have the right to be a time of good uncertainty as some will inevitably loss behind others in your development.

Among the an essential changes in the sex-related maturation, boys will certainly undergo as the testicles obtain larger and the scrotum begins to thin and redden. In tandem with these alters is the development of the dick which can build at different rates for various boys.

As sexual awareness increases, concerns around penis size might deepen, an especially if every other indicators of puberty (including height, body hair, and also changes in voice) space robust. Discovering what come expect—and what an "average" prick size really means—can aid alleviate a many the stress.

regular Penis development

The good news is that penis size is hardly ever a authorize of a clinical problem. Through that being said, there are few answers around "normal" prick size that will accomplish an emotionally irritated teen.

Between the periods of 10 and 14, when many of the growth spurts occur, guys will frequently feel the must "size up" v their peers, believing themselves to fall brief if they space anything less than average. Also in boys as young together 11, the visible alters seen in others can quickly turn native a resource of curiosity to one of anxiety.

To assist dispel this fears, parents should understand and also share the facts about normal penis development with their sons if and also when it i do not care an issue.

step of advance

Generally speaking, a boy's vul will build in somewhat predictable stages. Follow to experts at Stanford Children's Health, the stages of sex-related maturation in boys malfunction roughly as follows:

First Pubertal Change: Enlargement the the testiclesPenis Growth: Around one year ~ the testicles have startedAppearance of Pubic Hair: 13.5 yearsNocturnal Emissions ("Wet Dreams"): about 14 yearsOther Changes: face hair, a depth voice, and also acne

What is vital to note is that, unequal wet dreams and also acne, there is no specific age by which the genitals will start to grow. In boys—even much more so than girls—it can be an overwhelming to know exactly when puberty will certainly start and also how it will certainly develop.

For some, it may appear as an almost single event. In others, it may build in fits and also starts best through early high school. While guys in a household often follow comparable growth patterns, over there can also be variations among brothers that defy expectations.

Even if a dick appears tiny by the period of 14, over there is tho an chance for growth. V that gift said, countless parents will want to schedule one appointment v the family members doctor if your son's dick hasn't began to grow after the appearance of body and also facial hair.

Average cock Length by age

The average prick length by age, outlined in Adolescent and Young Adult health Care: A helpful Guide by Dr. Lawrence Neinstein, must only offer as a pointer for genital development in boys.

It need to not be supplied to examine if a young is developing "on schedule" (an action that may only underscore a boy's insecurity). Rather, it must be used as a reference if your son fears the is fall behind in relationship to all various other markers for puberty.

Age 10 come 11: 1.6 come 3.1 inchesAge 12: 2.0 come 4.0 inchesAge 14: 2.4 to 5.5 inchesAge 15: 3.1 to 5.9 inchesAge 16: 3.9 to 5.9 inchesAge 18: 4.3 to 6.7 inches

Because there may be errors in how the cock is measured, the is usually ideal to have the measurement excellent by a doctor or, better yet, one adolescent health and wellness specialist.


The diagnosis of one abnormally little penis would seem to it is in a pretty straightforward process, however it is in reality not. When a physical test may establish that a boy's cock is listed below what could be supposed for his age, it cannot accurately predict exactly how much growth may still occur.

However, nevertheless of a boy's age at diagnosis, micropenis is defined as a cock 2.5 deviations smaller than the mean typical for the age.

Experts explain that beforehand diagnosis in infancy or early childhood is vital for reliable treatment. If hormone deficiency is the underlying cause, for example, hormone supplementation can be reliable at encouraging catch-up growth.

Keep in mind that there may be factors other than expansion that explain a penis' abnormally short appearance.

One such instance is childhood obesity in which excessive pelvic fat obscures an otherwise normal-sized penis. The very same may occur if a boy has a very large frame, producing the impression that the penis is smaller sized than that is.

Less commonly, there are congenital conditions that limit exactly how much of the penis is externally seen. Examples encompass penoscrotal webbing (in i beg your pardon the scrotum extends up the underside that the penis, developing an indistinct junction between the two) and phimosis (in which the foreskin is can not to retract).

Small cock size can sometimes happen as a an outcome of a hereditary disorder (such together Klinefelter's syndrome) which impedes the production of testosterone throughout fetal development.


Generally speaking, after the period of 8 there is small a doctor deserve to do come promote cock growth in boys. For guys 8 and also under, testosterone replacement treatment (TRT) may be used; research argues that the is most efficient in infancy and also early childhood.

If used beforehand enough, TRT (delivered in 3 intramuscular injections end 12 weeks) may rise the child's penis size come the reference selection for his age. After ~ 8 year of age, TRT often tends to be much less effective.

For enlarge boys, surgery might be explored to treat concealed prick abnormalities. The approach can vary by case, however may include circumcision or an ext extensive reconstructive steps in i beg your pardon the skin the the penis is "degloved" and also repositioned v sutures and skin grafts.

Penis enlargement surgical treatment (phalloplasty) is not considered a reasonable choice until later in life. The risk of complications may outweigh the regarded benefits, and also the outcomes tend come be change at best.

A Word indigenous Verywell

While concerns about penis size might be understandable in boys going v puberty, it is unhelpful because that those emotions to it is in echoed or reinforced by parents or family members members.

Ultimately, cock size must never be thought about a measure of one's manhood or virility. These cultural attitudes only serve to weaken a boy's confidence at a time as soon as he is only just starting to explore who he is.

If her son concerns you concerned around his dick size, take the time to comment on his feelings there is no diminishing them. In part cases, dick size might only it is in a symptom the a larger problem. In some cases, over there may have actually been teasing at college or one underlying lack of confidence because that which penis size is emblematic.

Whether the problem is physical or psychological, it frequently helps to occupational with a medical expert trained in adolescent health. By allowing an target third-party into the conversation, you have the right to avoid any kind of suggestion the there is a "problem" that needs resolving.

Acknowledge your son's feelings and reassure that of his self-worth, yet avoid false assurances and platitudes that might only include to his anxiety.

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