Campbell's Condensed household Size Cream the Mushroom Soup, 22.6 oz. (Pack that 12) (Packaging may Vary)

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FlavorCream the Mushroom
IngredientsWater, Mushrooms, vegetables Oil (Corn, Canola, And/Or Soybean), modified Food Starch, Wheat Flour, includes Less 보다 2% Of: Salt, Cream, Whey, soy Protein Concentrate, Monosodium Glutamate, Yeast Extract, Dried Garlic, herbal Flavoring. Contains: Wheat, Milk, Soy.See more
Weight15.2 Pounds
Package InformationCan

About this itemHIGH-QUALITY, moral Cream of Mushroom Soup starts v mushrooms, farm yard fresh cream, and garlic, through no preservatives because that deliciously smooth flavorTRY IT as A cooking recipes STARTER: This canned soup works perfectly as a sauce substitute because that a roux or béchamel and can provide you a jumpstart on your favorite recipesRICH & FLAVORFUL: even if it is you’re whipping up at batch of basic one-pot beef stroganoff for simple weeknight meal or including it to your following chicken curry or sweden meatballs, this cream that mushroom soup is creamy and also deliciousCREAMINESS and also COMFORT IN EVERY CAN: begin any an excellent meal v this pantry-friendly soup that’s full of creamy, feel-good comfort and also easily customizablePANTRY STAPLE: Ships as a pack of 12 22.6 ounce non-BPA-lined, recyclable cans of condensed soup

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This is the exact same Campbell"s Cream the Mushroom soup we all know and love. Nothing fancy, flashy, or brand-new here, however a staple of alot that recipes. The have the right to size is good for food preparation larger dishes there is no scraping a million cans. This is the same household size have the right to you discover in the store; girlfriend don"t need to worry around what to do with a 5-gallon bucket of leftover cream-of-mushroom. This cans perform not have actually the pop-off lids, you will need a have the right to opener. 4 recipes space on every label- one on the front, 3 top top the ago of the label. Each brand is precious 1 point in the "Labels for Education" program. Making use of"s Subscribe and also Save because that this is a no-brainer and also a terrific deal.
once I location the article in my dare it shows chicken with rice soup i m sorry is wrong, the type of soup is CREAM that CHICKEN. I acquired the soup ns ordered,CREAM the CHICKEN however ITS CONFUSING.
I usage cream the chicken in multiple recipes for this reason we conveniently go with a case of this in a month. Each can is tantamount to 2 continuous size cans and any extra not used in a cooking recipes refrigerates/freezes well, or makes a nice lunch the next day. I use it in recipes that speak to for cream the mushroom since my mommy doesn"t choose mushrooms. Cream the chicken has a richer flavor, imho.
We use this either as component of recipes, or straight as a lovely warming soup. Incredibly versatile and also useful for the family, v high value.
8 out of the 12 cans were dented. Some were so bad dented i am surprised castle were not leaking. I carry out not understand for sure how they to be dented however the package they arrived in was not damaged at every so I deserve to only assume they to be dented prior to they were shipped. Various other than that i really favor the soup. Since of the damage I only give it 4 stars.
Perfect size for the family. I constantly make it with milk and add a small truffle salt. Sometimes a doctorate up by setting some onions in butter and putting that in. Renders a great dinner option once paired with a salad.
This Campbell"s Cream of Mushroom soup is so easy to use and tastes wonderful. I use it in a many casseroles and it add to not just taste yet moisture and the ideal texture for any kind of dish. The family members size cans work-related perfect because that my family. I store my pantry stocked with this grocery item.

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