If you space looking to have actually your breasts enlarged, girlfriend should inform yourselves well before taking a decision about the shape and also volume of her breasts.

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Both profile and also volume that the chest implants will produce the watch of your brand-new breasts.

Profile chest implants

The kind of profile of the breast implant will certainly be choosen in order to produce a specific amount of forward projection.

1) low profile chest implants

Low file implants lie the flattest. A really natural and moderate breast augmentation will certainly be obtained, with natural looking clevage.

2) medium profile breast implants

One will achieve a natural, moderate breast augmentation with tool profile chest implants. Her clevage will be moderate.

3) High profile chest implants

High profile implants will create an ext accentuated breasts, with a striking clevage.

4) very high profile chest implants

Very high profile chest implants will certainly create very accentuated breasts, through showy clevage.

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Volume chest implants: The wanted size or cup after ~ a breast augmentation

Breast implants are sized follow to your volume in cubic centimeters (cc).

How carry out you understand what dimension implant come choose? Looking at pictures and talking to friends who had a breast augmentation can help.

Off food the volume will rely on the shape and also size of her actual breasts, her frame and the dimension you want to achieve.

Our plastic surgeon will advise friend thoroughly. Bringing images of a preferred restult come be displayed to our surgeon, might be really helpful.

What dimension of implant will give me the preferred result?

Take a look at this graph in stimulate to recognize what dimension to look at for:

Cup dimension increaseBreast implants volume
Cup dimension A to Cup dimension B250 to 300 cc
Cup size A to Cup dimension C300 come 350 cc
Cup size A to Cup size D370 come 430 cc
Cup size B to Cup dimension C250 to 350 cc
Cup dimension B to Cup size D350 come 400 cc
Cup size B to Cup size DD400 come 450 cc
Cup dimension C to Cup dimension D300 to 350 cc
Cup dimension C to Cup dimension DD370 to 450 cc
Cup dimension C to Cup dimension E450 to 550 cc
Cup size D to Cup dimension DD300 to 400 cc
Cup dimension D to Cup dimension E450 to 600 cc

What cupe dimension will I need after my chest augmentation?

To determine your cup size you have to take 2 measurements:

To start with girlfriend measure roughly your chest (underbust measurement), climate measure approximately the breasts where they task the many (bust measurement). The difference between the underbust measurement and the bust measurement offers you the cupe size.

A difference of 12,5 centimeter outcomes in an A cup. Every 2,5 cm much more of difference will provide you a cup size more.

In principle the cup size is identified as follows:

Cup sizeDifference between underbust and bust measurement
Cup size A12,5 cm
Cup size B15 cm
Cup size C17,5 cm
Cup dimension D20 cm
Cup size E22,5 cm
Cup size F25 cm

There is turn off course variation in cup dimension by the manufacturer. Friend should likewise be aware that a 70A is substantially smaller than a 85C. Remember the there is no standardization of cup sizes and that you do not do it buy a bra without trying.

Moreover there space European and also French sizes. You should add 15 cm on the European size to acquire the French size. Below an example:

European dimension 70 A = French size 85AFrench dimension 100 E = European dimension 85 E

Breast:Prices in Euros

Breast enlargement v cohesive gel silicone-filled implants v micro textured surface ar from 200 cc to 600 cc2950 €VAT incl.
Replacement chest implants2950 €VAT incl.
Breast reduction3100 – 4550 €VAT incl.
Breast uplift without implants3100 – 4150 €VAT incl.
Breast uplift with implants5450 - 6550 €VAT incl.
Capsular contractureAdditional price of 950 €VAT incl.

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