The component of the plant which is present above the surface of the soil is called Stems, while Roots is the component of the tree which is present listed below the floor surface. Secondly stems arises from the plumule and roots from the radical that the embryo. Many importantly stems own leaves, but roots carry out not.

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A common flowering plant (vascular plants) own a well-defined root and shoot system. This are an important part of the plant and bears plenty of morphological and anatomical differences. Despite they both together duty in the expansion of a plant.

The just similarity in between the two is the vascular tissue (xylem and also phloem), i m sorry are said as the circulatory mechanism of the plant and work in transferring minerals, water and also other nutrients from one part other parts.

Of course, over there are other parts too, favor leaves, fruits, flowers, etc., however they all cook from these two prime wealth. Together these parts show how vascular plants developed to inhabit two diverse environments in ~ the same time which space the air and the soil.

Experts think this was done create the life effectively as soil provide minerals and also water and also air offers carbon dioxide and energy native the sunlight and gradually tree evolve this system to grab these sources present listed below and above the soil.

Hereby, in this content, we will certainly be stating the difference between the roots and the stems, your features and function, with the general discussion on them.

Content: trunk Vs Roots

Comparison Chart

Basis for ComparisonStems Roots
MeaningIn botany, stems room the component of the tree axis that bears shoots and also buds v leaves. The primary role of the stem is to lug water, minerals and food come all parts of the plants.Roots space the part of the vascular tree which is one underground and primary duty is come Anchorage the plant and also in the absorption of the minerals and also water.
Geotropism (growth towards the soil)Stems room negatively geotropic (grow far from the soil) and also negatively hydrotropic.Roots are positively geotropic.
Phototropism (growing in the direction of light)Stems room positively phototropic.Roots room negatively phototropic (grow far from the light).
MorphologyStems be affected by each other flower, leaves and also buds.Roots perform not be affected by each other flower, leaves and also buds.
Stems carry out not have any type of shoot tip; quite the stems possess in a terminal bud.Roots have a root cap at the root tip.
Can be unicellular or multicellular, stem hairs are current all v the stems.Unicellular source hairs are current in the cluster, behind the root cap.
Stem hairs occupational in avoiding water loss native the stem surface; they have actually thick cabinet walls and long life expectations than shooting hairs. Root hairs work-related in soaking up minerals and water indigenous the soil; they have thin cell walls and also are short-lived.
Stems are usually green in color (in young stage). The colour of the root is usually white and grows darker v time.
Stems possess nodes and also internodes. Roots do not have nodes and internodes.
Stem branches space superficial or exogenous and develop indigenous axillary buds. Root branches space deep-seated or endogenous, though source branches execute not arise from any certain area.
Anatomy In the stem, epidermal cells space cutinized.In roots, the epidermal cells space not cutinized.
The epidermis duty in protection.Here the function of the epidermis is to absorb water and also nutrients.
The epidermis of young stem possesses stomata.No stomata found.
Cortex normally narrows and is differentiated into inner, middle and also outer cortex.Cortex is vast and is undifferentiated.
Chlorenchyma is current in external cortical cells.Chlorenchyma is missing in roots.
Hypodermis present; no recognizable sample in endodermis.Hypodermis absent; Endodermis is prominent and distinct.
Pericycle is multilayered (if present) and plays a role in an additional thickening.Pericycle is unicellular and plays a role in an additional thickening.
Vascular bundles room collateral and conjoint; second vascular development is present by cambium which is by both inter and intrafascicular.Vascular organization is radial; second vascular development if present arises native pericycle and conjunctive parenchyma.
Xylem is endarch.Xylem is exarch.
Fibres is existing in xylem and phloem.Fibres is missing in xylem and phloem.
The primary role of the stem is of photosynthesis, storage and also transportation or minerals and other materials to various other parts of the plant. The primary role of the source is anchorage, absorb of water, minerals and salt.

Definition the Stems

Stems space the part of the plant, the possesses buds, leaves and also roots in ~ its basal ends. The primary duty of the stem supports the leaves and to transport minerals and water to the leaves, whereby it proceeded to transform into advantageous products through the process of photosynthesis, and then additional these are transported to other parts of the plants consisting of roots.

This procedure is supported by the xylem (vascular tissue), where the conduction the nutrients and also minerals takes place from the website of absorb to various other parts. Stems also administer mechanical assistance for a growing plant.

Definition that Roots

Roots room the underground part of the plant, and the main role is the absorb of water and also minerals native the soil, conduction, storage of make reservation foods and also mainly in the anchorage the the plant. The chief difference from the tribe is the lacking of buds and also leaf scars, but have source cap and also branches the originate from interior tissues 보다 from buds.

When a seed germinates the primary root or radical is the first part the the tree to appear. It grow under the floor or ground and also so-called as positively geotropic and also thus anchor the seedling. In the angiosperms (dicotyledons) and also gymnosperms, the radical grows right into taproot, which grow downwards and also the second roots thrive laterally native it. In plants favor turnips and also carrots, the insanity roots offer as food storage.

On the various other hand monocotyledons and also grasses have a fibrous source system, which possesses the mass of root of the very same diameter. Adventitious roots space such root which to happen from other organs than roots, choose stems or leaves. Pneumatophores discovered in mangrove varieties are lateral roots growing in saline mud, this roots prosper upward and out of the mud.

Key Differences between Stems and also Roots

Given listed below points space the important distinctive one to recognize the various features of the stems and the roots:

In botany stems and also roots room the most vital part that the plant, where stem bears shoots and also buds v leaves. The primary duty of the stem is to bring water, minerals and food come all parts of the plants, while roots are the component of the vascular tree which is one underground and primary duty is come Anchorage the plant and also in the absorb of the minerals and water.Stems space positively phototropic (growing towards the light) negatively geotropic (grow away from the soil) and negatively hydrotropic, whereas root are positively geotropic, negatively phototropic (grow away from the light).Stems bear flower, leaves and buds, however roots execute not.Stems perform not have any type of shoot tip, rather the stems own in a terminal bud, when Roots have actually root lid at the source tip.Stem hairs have the right to be uncellular cells or multicellular, and also are current all through the stems, though in roots, unicellular root hairs are present in the cluster, behind the source cap.The function the the stem hairs works in preventing water loss native the stem surface; they have actually thick cabinet walls and also long life span than shoot hairs, ~ above the contrary, root hairs work-related in taking in minerals and water native the soil, they have actually thin cabinet walls and are short-lived.Stems are usually green in colour (in young stage), whereas the colour of the roots space usually white and grows darker with the time.Stems own nodes and internodes, yet roots carry out not have.Stem branches are superficial or exogenous and also develop native axillary buds; top top the various other hand, root branches room deep-seated or endogenous, though root branches carry out not arise indigenous any details area.Anatomically, in stem epidermal cells are cutinized; the function of the epidermis is protection. In roots, the epidermal cells room not cutinized, and here the duty of the epidermis is come absorb water and also nutrients.In stem epidermis that young stem possesses stomata, the cortex is normally narrow and is distinguished into the inner, middle and outer cortex. In roots, over there is no stomata and cortex is wide and is undifferentiated.Chlorenchyma is present in outer cortical cells of the stems, yet it is absent in roots.Hypodermis present in stems but no recognisable pattern in endodermis, despite hypodermis is missing in roots and endodermis is prominent and distinct.Pericycle is multilayered (if present) and play a duty in an additional thickening in stems, whereas that is unicellular and play a function in an additional thickening in roots.In tribe vascular bundles are collateral and also conjoint; an additional vascular development is current by cambium i beg your pardon is by both inter and intrafascicular. In roots vascular tissue is radial; an additional vascular growth if current arises native pericycle and conjunctive parenchyma.Xylem is endarch, and fibres are current in xylem and also phloem in stems, vice versa, Xylem is exarch and fibres are absent in xylem and phloem in roots.The primary function of the stem is of photosynthesis, storage and transportation or minerals and also other products to other parts the the plant. The primary function of the source is anchorage, absorption of water, minerals and salt.

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In this article, us studied about the stems and also roots, and how castle variate indigenous each various other morphologically too in anatomically. We also came to recognize their functions and also importance.