Eddie spent 35 years in the automotive organization with Honda. That is an ASE Certified understand Technician and has bruised knuckles come prove it.

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Your “check engine” light come on when your car’s onboard computer (or PCM, Powertrain control Module) documents some sort of problem. This onboard computer system runs your auto so that it has optimum fuel economy and low emissions. The PCM create a code indicating what part or mechanism is malfunctioning (electrical system, oxygen sensors, and so on). Your technology can get the password from the vehicle and look up its meaning.

In the meantime, you’re probably wondering: what space the possibilities? Is over there something walking on in your vehicle or in her life that prompted this “check engine” situation? Where must a mechanic begin looking to find the problem?

The an initial Two inquiries to Ask yourself if the inspect Engine light Is On

Is the auto running normally?Is the "check engine" irradiate flashing?

10 Diagnostic questions to ask If your "Check Engine” Light comes On

After you've identified if your auto is to run normally and whether the light is on or flashing, ask the remaining questions.

Has your auto been in the shop for organization recently?Have you sustained your automobile recently?Did you probably overfill her fuel tank?Have you installed any brand-new electronic gadgets recently?Did your “check engine” irradiate come on after driving with a deep puddle?Do girlfriend have too much humidity in your automobile caused through a water leak?Do you live in a countryside area whereby there are many critters?Are various other warning lights illuminated top top the dash?Did your auto sit because that a long duration of time without anyone steering it?Were girlfriend the critical one come drive her car?

What go the examine Engine light Look Like?

Don’t confuse her "check engine" light through your maintain reminder (a light that goes on immediately to remind you it’s time for a regime service). If you’re not sure, check the table of contents in her owner’s manual, under “warning lights.”



This tiny yellow irradiate (labeled "maintenance indicator") is no the "check engine" irradiate (1991 Honda Accord)


How Long deserve to You Drive with Your inspect Engine irradiate On?

Is the vehicle running normally? If your automobile is running normally, and you have actually no trouble driving it, the problem is not so significant that you need to panic. The course, you must not ignore the light; the is warning friend of some problem with the emissions system. As soon as the irradiate is on, your auto runs top top default parameters, not optimized to alleviate emissions and increase mileage, and also so you won’t gain the gas usage the auto is designed to get. Just speak to your mechanic or dealer to make an meeting within a reasonable amount of time.Is the "check engine" irradiate flashing? If it's flashing, it means you have a severe problem and also you really have to not be driving her car. It's flashing due to the fact that it's saying “STOP!!! Hey, Look in ~ Me!!!” It’s saying her catalytic converter is gift damaged. It’s more than likely a great idea to speak to a tow van at this point; friend don’t desire to include to the cost of any repairs that will certainly be needed.

What go the inspect Engine light Mean?

The check engine light is a light the the engine computer uses to represent that there is something wrong. They are orange, amber, or yellow, and not to it is in ignored!

How come Reset the examine Engine Light

The only method to "reset" the inspect engine light is by addressing the trouble causing it. Thus, the 10 reasons I list listed below may assist you reset your inspect engine light.

Why Is My inspect Engine irradiate on? 10 reasons Why Your inspect Engine light On

1. Has actually Your car Been Serviced Recently?

If your car has been in the shop recently for service, it’s quite feasible the technician has caused her "check engine" light problem. Periodically a technician will forget to reinstall a connector come a sensor, or not snap the connector earlier together completely. Or that or she might knock a connector loosened while doing a minor service.

On older Hondas, the oxygen sensor is directly below the oil filter, therefore a technician remove the oil filter because that a routine oil readjust might spill oil top top the oxygen sensor. It’s simply possible, though no common, the a technician clean everything oil turn off the sensor damaged it somehow.


On this 1991 Honda Accord, you deserve to see how the oxygen sensor (little rat-tailed item) is located directly listed below the oil filter. You deserve to imagine just how easy the is come dump oil on it.


2. Have actually You sustained Your car Recently?

If friend didn’t tighten the fuel cap sufficient (or forgot to put it top top altogether!), the can reason your "check engine" irradiate to come on. Every Honda fuel caps have actually a ratcheting device built into the cap to accomplish a great seal and keep friend from over-tightening the cap. When tightening her fuel cap, be sure to revolve it enough to hear at least three clicks; the ensures the suitable torque to be applied. If your examine engine irradiate is on, simply examine your fuel lid to make sure it is turned 3 clicks.

3. Did girlfriend Overfill your Fuel Tank?

If you’re one of those people who prefer to height off the fuel tank, you must break that habit, specifically if you own a more recent Honda. When the gas pump shuts off automatically, the tank is as complete as it demands to be. To save gasoline fumes out of the atmosphere, contemporary United states cars are compelled to catch the fumes and also recycle them into the engine to be burned. Overfilling the tank have the right to spill fuel right into tiny vacuum lines and also filters, which in turn deserve to clog emission tools (like the "evap canister" being changed in the three do-it-yourself videos at the finish of this article). Soaking these gadgets in petrol will cause the "check engine" irradiate to come on. Instead of the damaged parts might be costly, yet the time invested diagnosing the problem can be even more so.

4. Have actually You set up Any new Electronic devices Lately, or had Them installed by a Professional?

Everyone likes every the brand-new gadgets accessible for cars these days, like backup cameras, thunder-booming stereos, remote automobile starters, high-intensity-discharge headlights, and rear entertain systems, to surname a few. It’s just feasible that the human installing your device may have actually blown a fuse, or worse, may have tapped right into the not correct wire and caused that dang "check engine" light to which again.

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Check to view that all electronics in the auto are working appropriately (e.g. Dash light, 12-volt power supply, internal lights). If everything is working properly, I would certainly either test all the fuses (using a test light or a voltage meter is the fastest way to execute that) or return the auto to the human who walk the work.