UPDATE: The singer"s sister reportedly obtained a restraining order versus him for "terrorizing" the entire family.

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Asreported yesterday, Five Finger fatality Punch vocalist Ivan Moody has been accused of practically beating his claimed wife Holly Smith to fatality after gift accused the infidelity.

TMZ reported that it all started as Smith faced Ivan after finding text messages from many women top top his phone. The singer climate allegedly attacked the woman in her sleep, placing her in a "Jiujitsu submission hold" when hitting her and also choking her through a blanket.

And return FFDP guitarist Zoltan Bathoryshot down the initial cases by saying the Moody isn"t even married, a fresh report burned some light on the matter, revealing that although Holly and also Ivan aren"t married, they have been together for 17 years, and also even have actually a 17-year-old daughter together.

The ras Vegas testimonial Journal post reads: "When police came down on the hotel they discovered Smith in the lobby with a swollen lip crusted with blood and a bleeding cut to the roof of her mouth. They likewise found scratches at the ago of her neck from the blanket being shoved right into her mouth, the arrest report said.

"Officers saw "s hotel room however couldn"t get his side of the story due to the fact that of his "intoxication level," the arrest report said. to be disoriented and confused and also told police the argument with Smith had actually started end his to buy a comic book.

" to be arrested and booked into the Clark ar Detention Center around 5:30 a.m. Top top a fee of domestic battery by strangulation.

"The singer posted $15,000 bail the night that his arrest, follow to ras Vegas justice Court records. The residential battery instance was dismissed July 14, the documents show."

As at first reported, Smith now demands financial support, claiming that Ivan banks roughly $66k every month through the band. His mugshot is easily accessible below.

UPDATE: A newTMZ report has actually surfaced, revealing that Moody has been allegedly "terrorizing" his whole family, forcing his younger sister Sandra Dykes to get a restraining order versus him last September.

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The report reads: "In the docs, Dykes claims Moody has a background of violence v women that spirals out of regulate when that drinks and drugs. She says she was required to take activity when Moody began falsely accusing her, your mother, and even his own daughter of thefts his money.

"A judge granted Dykes and also her two kids restraining orders. She says her mom and also niece are filing for their own."UPDATE 2: Bathory keeps laughing off the reports as nonsensical, three of his tweets are easily accessible below.