Who isn't obsessed with Pretty tiny Liars. Earlier in its fourth season, the mirrors twists and turns and also all-star cast makes it straightforward to save coming earlier to Rosewood for more.

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Holly Marie Combs (who dram smart and also sexy mom Ella Montgomery come Lucy Hale's Aria) is just one of the plenty of reasons we save tuning in. "You definitely start to gain an idea regarding who the an excellent guys and the bad guys really are this season. It's exciting and as surprising as ever," she says. "We space sworn to secrecy. Contractually. Yet I have the right to tell you ns am A. Just kidding...."

Though she can't spill tricks from the show, she have the right to spill she own. We caught up v the star to find out her very own workout obsessions, celebrity human body crush, and also more.

"We live in the hills with long walking trails so we have actually no excuse not to," states Combs. "I don't count miles. Ns feel I've gone far enough if every muscle in my body feels awake through circulation yet not to the suggest where i feel I have worn myself out.

"At this allude in life I have realized the the following forty years have to be around maintaining my muscles, joints, and also posture. Ns don't push my body v workouts as I've done in last 39 years favor to ‘ask' my body to carry out things now rather of ‘telling' or forcing my body to do something now."

"In between my an initial and second child Pilates helped my body a lot. In between my 2nd and 3rd I had actually to amp it increase a bit with kickboxing training, which ns did till I was 6 months pregnant v Kelley," she says.

"All the girl (Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, and Troian Bellisario) are so great when it concerns taking care of themselves. Mine generation was, um, different. We (not naming any names) would certainly play pool, shoot darts, and drink beer then role in at 5:30 am through a Venti something, order native In-N-Out for lunch and also do it every again the following day," Combs jokes. "The PLL's roll in with eco-friendly tea and coconut waters, vegetables lunches and also juice cleanses. Finest of all they are strong, not simply skinny. They room fit and devoted to their own health. Lock are superior individually and also as a group. Lucy keeps do the efforts to store me up early to try her favorite spinning place. I'm scared! Our collection is amazingly healthy. They have actually really healthy snacks at all times. Lucy and Troian space vegetarians. There really is never any kind of junk food around, thankfully."

On she playlist? "I've acquired Matt Kearney, Radical Something, and a tiny Metallica thrown in for good measure," she says.

"I'm certainly a sushi person. I recognize I have the right to eat a lot and also still be fairly healthy," Combs says. "I was a vegetarian through plenty of of my teen years and easily revert back to the occasionally, but my immune system is commonly happier with a little of actual meat. I would certainly love to learn as soon as I situate some preventive time. It would certainly be nice come buy my very own fish. To know precisely how new it is and also precisely whereby it comes from.

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"Beets just aren't mine thing. Ns can't acquire into them," Combs admits. "A many my snacks space healthy. Ns love things choose hummus, carrots, and also celery, however I will certainly never provide up potato chips."

"Gwen Stefani is my celebrity human body crush," she says. "She is a mom of two boys and also she somehow find a will and also a method to it is in physically fit, write, tour, perform, and have a healthy and balanced marriage. All the while staying true come herself. Impressive."

"It has carried me this far in life with reasonably little trouble," she says. "And it allowed me to have actually my three sons."

" ns watch the clock choose a hawk, painfully conscious of every happen minute," Combs admits.