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Hitman 2: silent Assassin is an action-adventure video game that emphasizes stealth and strategy over direct combat. There room cheats for Hitman 2 top top the PS2 that allow you come skip levels, toggle gravity, and also unlock even much more god-like powers.

The adhering to Hitman 2 cheats use to the initial PlayStation 2 version, but most cheat codes will likewise work through the PS3 edition.

Hitman 2 Cheats for PS2

There is no designated menu for keying cheat password in Hitman 2: silent Assassin. Instead, girlfriend must go into the cheats using the PS2 controller at certain times during gameplay.

CodeWhen to EnterCheat
Unlock all WeaponsDuring gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, Square, X
Bomb ModeDuring gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, L1
Full HealDuring gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, Down
God setting (Invincibility)During gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, R2, L2, R1, L1
Lethal ChargeDuring gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, R1, R1
Level SelectAt the key menuR2, L2, Up, Down, Square, Triangle, Circle

Level Skip

During gameplay (enable instantly after starting a level to complete it through a quiet Assassin rank)R2, L2, Up, Down, X, L3, Circle, X, Circle, X
Megaforce ModeDuring gameplay (restart the level to remove its effect)R2, L2, Up, Down, X, R2, R2
Nailgun setting (weapons pin human being to walls)During gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, L1, L1
Punch ModeDuring gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, Up
Slow MotionDuring gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, Up, L2
Unlock SMG and 9mm Pistol SDDuring gameplayL2, R2, Up, Down, X, Up, R2, R2
Toggle GravityDuring gameplayR2, L2, Up, Down, X, L2, L2

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Silenced ballers gunComplete a level with a quiet Assassin rank.
Sawed-off shotgunComplete 2 levels through a quiet Assassin rank.
M4Complete 5 levels v a quiet Assassin rank, or finish the Shogun Showdown level with a silent Assassin rank.
.22 Suppressed

Found in the basement of the Shogun Showdown level.

exactly how to get Silent Assassin ranks

It"s feasible to knife the quiet Assassin rank for a mission also if you get spotted so long as the aggression bar continues to be empty. If a guard look at you, easily take castle out v either chloroform or a solitary shot from your gun to prevent raising the aggression bar.

Enter the level skip cheat password at the start of a level to automatically complete it with a silent Assassin rank.

exactly how to pick Locks much faster

While choose a lock, open your map. As soon as you nearby the map, the lock will certainly be picked.

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Stretchy arms Trick

Enter the Nailgun setting cheat and also nail who to a wall. Seize on come them and also walk away to do their limbs stretch favor elastic.