Hip Hop Harry

Hip Hop Harry is an American children"s television display that aired on discovery dearteassociazione.org and also TLC as part of the Ready collection Learn block native 2006 come 2008, and also several Retro tv Network affiliates, together an E/I-compliant program. Similar to PBS dearteassociazione.org series such together Barney & friend (the setting of the present bears resemblance to Barney in nature), dearteassociazione.orgongs and Sesame Street, i know well Hop harry is a live-action regime aimed in ~ younger youngsters ranging from around 2–7 years old. The program uses age-appropriate i know well hop music and also dance to teach social, educational, physics and an imaginative skills.

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The present takes ar in a learning/play facility house recognized as "Hip Hop Central", whereby Hip Hop Harry and also his children learn, play and also dance. In between, the youngsters learn about the key topic that the episode. ~ they have actually learned around the topic, they sing and also rap the song "I Love come Learn." Then, the dearteassociazione.org and Hip Hop talk about what they"ve learned via questions/answers and watching recaps native the day"s illustration via a push-button monitor. Each episode ends with the "Hip Hop Harry run Circle", wherein the dearteassociazione.org circle up while one of them dances in the facility as they shout, "Go! go! Go! walk! Go!". Even Harry dances in the circle too (thus, the children shout, "Go, Harry!"). But prior to they dance, they do a warm-up run called, "The Harry". ~ the dearteassociazione.org come together to relocate in the middle, the credits roll.

Physical appearance

Hip Hop take care of is an humanlike rapping yellow furry bear with a red shirt, blue hat, baggy blue jeans, a yellow chain through an "H" in the middle and white sneaker shoes v an "H" on every side. He also wears a blue and red wristwatch. The character"s illustration is in the general layout of hip-hop fashion. His birthday is January 22nd, as detailed in episode 5.


Emily Tajod - Voice of i know well Hop harry (baby - 1 years old)David Joyner - hip Hop take care of (In-suit demonstrate - 48 year old). Lily eco-friendly -Hip Hop bother (toodler - 4 year old)Penelope Yammer - i know good Hop harry (kid - 6 year old)Ryan Andres - said jokes in the episode "Finding her Talent".Kendra Bracy - introduced her grandmother native Trinidad in one episode.Colton Burton - Colton was among William"s best friends in actual life and also refused to counting the pilots, he did not show up in an illustration of i know well Hop Harry there is no him.Kiana Contreres - Kiana played a supporting duty in the episode "Get Involved," cheering she sister"s dual Dutch team to victory.Jake Deanda - Jake was among the main youngsters to fulfill Katie in "Making new Friends."Savannah DeJesus - Savannah appeared in "Fancy Footwook" and also "Rain provides Rainbows" v her sisters Sophina.Sophina DeJesus - Sophina to be an aspiring gymnast that enjoys working v her sister, Savannah.Kelly Dolan - play Pinky.Jeremy Washington - played Riddles.Hayden Harrah - Hayden showed up less commonly than other members the the cast, but was a huge help throughout "A B See".Jay Jay Harris - Jay Jay is presented in "Pajama Party" and "Just offer it a Try" to be resistant to try new things. He and also Riddles acquired along an extremely well. ~ a an excellent bongo north performance, i know well Hop take care of commented that Jay Jay may one day it is in on a salsa record.Veronicaa miller - Veronicaa was displayed to uncover a talent for singing in "Finding her Talent."Katie Petitte - The new girl in "Making brand-new Friends." She bring away a i know good hop dance course near the end of the series.Davide Schiavone - DancerElizabeth tiny - she zipper served the finishing touch in "A B See."Scott thomas - Scott appears in numerous episodes. He was featured in "Never give Up", once he want to stop basketball since of a negative day in ~ practice. I know good Hop Harry offered him part encouragement and also Scott realized the he have to never offer up.Megan Woo - Megan loved animals and also wishes to it is in a veterinarian once she grow up.Tyler White - A young breakdancer v a talent for windmills and also the strongman in i know well Hop Harry"s circus.Mail carrier Carla - played by Valerie Sheppard, who appears in the episode, "Dream It! achieve It!"

The actors performed relocate Those Feet at the Los Angeles times Festival of publications on April 25th come 26th, 2009 top top the Target children"s stage on the campus that UCLA.


Season 1 (2006)

Season- #Episode NameOriginal waiting Datedearteassociazione.org In EpisodeSummary
1-1.Fancy Footwork (Series Premiere)September 26, 2006Sophina, Savannah, Jay Jay, ScottSavannah and also Sophina, who are sisters, compete versus each other in a dance competition. But they learn that in reality, they"re top top the same team.
1-2.When I flourish UpSeptember 27, 2006Savannah, Jay Jay, Scott, MeganMegan has actually trouble deciding what she desires to be once she grows up; Harry and also the corridor learn about different jobs.
1-3.Words have actually PowerSeptember 28, 2006Sophina, Davide, Scott, MeganWhen Sophina it s okay mad in ~ Davide, she uses negative words and also then learns a lesson about carefully selecting your words. Meanwhile, Megan learns that the ideal birthday gift to offer to someone is one you do yourself.
1-4.Making new FriendsSeptember 29, 2006Jake, Veronicaa, Katie, DavideThe dearteassociazione.org shot to make a brand-new girl named Katie feeling comfortable by including her in their activities.
1-5.Do your PartOctober 2, 2006Kelli, Kendra, Colton, WilliamKelli litter a surprised birthday party because that Pinky.
1-6.Never give UpOctober 3, 2006Sophina, Davide, Scott, MeganScott is discouraged when he doesn"t make any type of shots during basketball practice, so Harry provides Scott a couple of tips. The dearteassociazione.org learn around what wake up underwater.
1-7.Be CreativeOctober 4, 2006Sophina, Davide, Scott, KelliHarry and also the gang have actually a costume party at Hip Hop Central. The design template for it is a Marching band costume party. Scott learns just how to be an innovative about the truth that you can use other things for costumes.
1-8.We Have 5 SensesOctober 5, 2006Jake, Veronicaa, Davide, ElizabethThe children are tested to do an activity that offers all five of their senses.
1-9.Wildlife WendyOctober 30, 2006Jake, Veronicaa, Davide, ElizabethWildlife Wendy teaches the dearteassociazione.org about birds.
1-10.Air wait EverywhereOctober 31, 2006Kelli, Kendra, Colton, WilliamWilliam has a homework assignment to prove the air surrounding everyone.
1-11.Pajama PartyNovember 1, 2006Jay Jay, Kiana, Savannah, TylerHarry and the dearteassociazione.org throw a pajama party; Wildlife Wendy teaches the gang around nocturnal animals.
1-12.Rain renders RainbowsNovember 2, 2006Sophina, Scott, Jay Jay, Megan, SavannahThe dearteassociazione.org are sad about not gift able come play exterior when it rains, however Hip Hop Harry motivates them not to it is in sad and helps them find out that rain renders rainbows, and also invents a musical method to put them all in order.
1-13.Dream It, attain It (Season Finale)November 3, 2006Elizabeth, Hayden, Veronicaa, WilliamHip Hop main wins a analysis contest. One-of-a-kind guest figure by Brutha.

Season 2 (2007–08)

Season- #Episode NameOriginal air Datedearteassociazione.org In EpisodeSummary
2-1.My Favorite points (Season Premiere)April 23, 2007Kelli, Colton, Kendra, WilliamWilliam and also Kendra share your favorite possessions; william learns just how wrong it is come lie.
2-2.A-B SeeApril 24, 2007Elizabeth, Hayden, Veronicaa, WilliamThe dearteassociazione.org find things that begin with each letter the the alphabet; i know well Hop harry teaches Elizabeth that when you have a problem, let her friends aid solve it.
2-3.Peas in a PodApril 25, 2007Kiana, Tyler, Savannah, Jay JayFarmer Fran teaches the dearteassociazione.org around farm life.
2-4.Make Your dreams Come TrueApril 26, 2007Sophina, Davide, Scott, MeganA expert gymnast, a veterinarian, and a children"s band visit to define the principle of hard work.
2-5.Finding your TalentApril 27, 2007Ryan, Veronicaa, William, Elizabeth, KatieVeronicaa has trouble deciding what her talent is.
2-6.Get InvolvedSeptember 10, 2007Kiana, Tyler, Jay Jay, SavannahKiana feeling left out, however Hip Hop Harry motivates her come get connected in points that other human being do.
2-7.I choose to MoveSeptember 11, 2007Kelli, Hayden, Sophina, ScottThe youngsters learn about exercise and also try brand-new ways of practice with assist from Ms. Kellee.
2-8.Just offer It a TrySeptember 12, 2007Ryan, Veronicaa, Elizabeth, Jay JayThe dearteassociazione.org make hand puppets for a puppet show, yet Jay Jay problems if his will certainly be any type of good. Therefore Hip Hop Harry encourages him come just try it out due to the fact that something an excellent might come the end of it.
2-9.Grandma BrooksSeptember 13, 2007Kiana, Kendra, William, TylerThe children create a i know good Hop facility Carnival. Also, Kendra"s grandmother access time Hip Hop Central.
2-10.My Music is her MusicSeptember 14, 2007Jay Jay, Ryan, Veronicaa, ElizabethHip Hop Harry helps the dearteassociazione.org appreciate different styles the music; Elizabeth and also Pinky have actually a momentary savings setup that inspires permanent goals.
2-11.You have the right to DanceFebruary 23, 2008Katie, Jake, Veronicaa, DavideKatie have the right to dance ballet, however she requirements to take it classes through the other children to find out hip-hop.
2-12.Hip Hop large TopJune 9, 2008Kendra, Kiana, William, TylerThe gang has a circus in ~ Hip Hop Central; wilhelm thinks he can"t aid because he"s wearing a boot on among his feet, yet Hip Hop Harry tells him no to worry around that.

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2-13Fun memory (Series Finale)July 14, 2008Scott, Jay Jay, Elizabeth, Kendra, KianaThe youngsters are concerned they"ll never see each various other again. Hip Hop Harry motivates them to not be sad due to the fact that school is out, but rather to use their memories come remember their friends, wherever they might be.