Subject: video game Accounts and also Billing frequently asked questions
Sun Nov 09, 2014 3:02 am
Common Account Questions:Registering an account: To it is registered an account on our website, please click this link http://www.dearteassociazione.org.com In the optimal left hand corner, click on the attach that says “login/register.” under the login boxes, click the third link under that claims “Don"t have actually an account?” and also fill in the necessary fields. After ~ that, you may sign into our website using the username and also password the you developed for our website.

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Deactivating her HTH Studios account: If friend would favor to delete her HTH Studios account, you have the right to do this through logging into your account and clicking on the "Delete my Account" connect where her account information is displayed. Please note that if friend delete your account, you will no much longer be maybe to accessibility any video game content. We do NOT refund any type of unused yellow subscription time. Deleting your keep account: friend will need to do that yourself by visiting the website the the payment processor you registered with. If girlfriend need aid with this, please contact the customer assistance of the proper processor.Common Billing Questions:"What Payment species do girlfriend accept?" We expropriate Visa, Mastercard, Debit Cards, and also Prepaid credit cards. We do not expropriate Paypal, Bitcoin, American Express, Prepaid Gift Cards, or bank Transfers. We are also unable to accept payments fee to a mobile machine bill. Because we are an adult company, we will certainly never have the ability to accept Paypal payments. Please describe our FAQ for a an ext detailed answer: http://www.dearteassociazione.org.com/index.php/faq“How will my Subscription purchase display up on my statement?” HTH uses discreet billing. Your statement will say “HTH Studios llc xxxxxx” “Why carry out you require my address?” The reasons why we require your details are outlined in our Privacy plan which girlfriend can discover by click here: https://www.store.dearteassociazione.org.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=3"Will I obtain anything native HTH through mail?" HTH Studios will never ever mail noþeles to her address. Your address is only required for billing purposes and is required by ours payment processors. Friend will only receive one email notice with your receipt, and membership key."Will ns be immediately re-billed because that my subscription?" our Subscriptions execute not automatically renew and we will not re-bill you. Friend can, however extend a existing subscription by beginning a new subscription key at any time. Your membership secrets do no expire until you activate them.How to discover your yellow Key(s): you will obtain 3 emails native HTH Studios. The first email is your order confirmation. The second email is sent when your funds have actually cleared and also your order has been processed. The third email will certainly contain your Membership Key(s)Alternatively, girlfriend can uncover your Subscription Key(s) in the order Details or products of her HTH keep Account. Log right into your save Account and also Navigate to: my Account > order History/Products. Click on the symbol right alongside your bespeak to open up the bespeak Details/Product Details. Subscription Keys have the right to take as much as 30 minute to show up on your order, and will only show when her funds have cleared.Keys do not expire until you get in them right into the website. You have the right to activate your Subscription Key(s) by logging right into your HTH Studios Account (http://www.dearteassociazione.org.com) and also Copying her Subscription vital into the message box on her profile. Click Activate/Extend. ~ you enter in your subscription key, log in out, clear your cache and log back in.

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Refunds: together per our keep policy, we do not provide refunds on yellow Memberships. You have the right to read our return plan here: https://www.store.dearteassociazione.org.com/index.php?route=information/information&information_id=4 before your place your order, the store mirrors you a check screen, and you only should click the submit button once. Us cannot be responsible for no checking the check screen, or clicking the submit button multiple times.How to uncover Red light District: To access Red irradiate District, you re welcome log the end of your account, clear her cache, and log back in. The attach for Red Light district will show up under the link for High Tail Hall.Still didn"t answer your question? Please start a new topic and also we"ll acquire to the ASAP!

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