One call of Duty: black Ops Cold battle Zombies fan discovers a colorful texture pest on a group of Hellhounds while play a match of Outbreak.

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Call that Duty: black color Ops Cold War Zombies features the iconic Hellhound adversary that has been v the mode for end a decade, though one player has seen the dogs’ fire fading. In its location are rainbows, v the odd bug leaving Call the Duty: black color Ops Cold War pan stunned.

Hellhounds were introduced all the way back in 2008’s Call of Duty: civilization at War, making your debut in the DLC map Shi No Numa. Appearing in a majority of the Aether story, the dogs gotten in into the Dark Aether cosmos via Firebase Z. Boasting a brand-new ability that enables them come explode and leave fire behind after they room killed, the special enemies are tougher than they have ever before been. However, it seems like there are some bugs tied come the dogs’ recent appearance.

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when playing a enhance of Outbreak, Reddit user SyedDodoRex discovered a pack of rainbow-colored dogs near the gas terminal on Golova. If the dog exploded properly once killed, the fire on the dog themselves was clearly bugged. The rainbow colors only became much more vibrant as the dogs to be filled through rounds native the PPSH, and with lengthy bars additionally seen floating over the dogs, it is clear this is a texture bug as opposed to an easter egg of some kind.

according to Redditor CollegeFootballDojo, this glitch had actually happened to them as well. In their case, though, it happened to call of Duty: black Ops Cold War’s Mimics, v the terrifying creatures being covered in the buggy rainbow colors. The user believes that the glitch is even funnier top top this enemy type, i m sorry is understandable because of their size. However, that seems like not everyone is laughing in ~ the glitch, through Reddit users stating that it have the right to be “very troublesome” as soon as it happens. Apparently, if this walk occur, an ext textures that simply the Hellhounds deserve to be bugged.

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In particular, Reddit user x678-Mx points out that the pest makes it impossible to check out the screen of the trial machine. This way that players will certainly be unable to call if the an obstacle is because that a regular reward or if it has actually a item of intel attached. When this is not a game-breaking worry for many players, the is frustrating because that those the are only interested in using the trial machine to access these surprise bits the lore. After ~ all, they might be wasting 500 points hoping because that an intel trial, just to get a basic reward attempt instead.

Comment from conversation x678-Mx"s comment from conversation "Rainbow Pixel Hellhounds? shouldn’t have eaten those mushroom