Life is full of challenges, and not surprisingly, many of those difficulties come in the kind of relationships. Also if she the kindest person, you can accidentally say or execute something that offends someone else. Bridges can be burned, stress arise, and tempers flare. But whatever caused some disconnect between you and another person, the emotions deserve to leave you feeling sad and, to be honest, fairly raw.

We’re for this reason blessed to have actually the liberty of choice. No matter what other world say or do, an option is together a an effective tool. Us can select to reaction to the situation, or us can choose to take control and also act. An ancient Hawaiian heritage can help with this.

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The ancient Hawaiian Tradition

The old Hawaiians had actually a exercise they used when people had any type of kind that pilikia, or trouble, with someone else, whether the was physically, emotionally, or spiritually. This practice is called Ho’oponopono. Pono is the Hawaiian word because that “righteous,” or to “make right.”

People who were in ~ disagreement through each other would gather together to sit and discuss their conflicts until they came up with a resolution. There would be a mediator to aid facilitate, and people would leave this meetings v feelings of love, forgiveness, and also gratitude.

In some areas Ho’oponopono, together a meeting, is quiet used. Because that example, once I was a newspaper editor in ~ my college in Hawaii, over there were some disputes in between the editors and the chef editor. The reduced editors felt prefer she was working out too much power, and also not offering them credit for your work. A Ho’oponopono was held and also everyone left emotion that your voices were heard and also the pilikia, the trouble, to be gone and settled.

However, there is another method to use Ho’oponopono, and it doesn’t need everyone come come together. You deserve to say a few key words, which deserve to be excellent mentally, and direct it in the direction of someone that you could be in dispute with. This is especially advantageous for victim of abuse or trauma. Forgiveness deserve to truly free a human being from pain, or at the very least alleviate the pain, and Ho’oponopono is one way to forgive and let the love that God and also others pour ago into your life.

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To start, friend would address the person you have pilikia with.

Hello _____ (insert surname here).

Then you would say this words:

I love you.

I’m sorry.

Please pardon me.

Thank you.

If friend don’t know what you’ve done to the person, you can simply state, “please forgive me for my part.” This is such a powerful thing that deserve to be done anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to state this words the end loud. You have the right to say them in your head and direct them come the human you space thinking of, or who you feel has actually pilikia.

This is a wonderful means to heal. If someone has deeply hurt you, especially those who you space close to and once trusted, act this motivates forgiveness, repentance, and also gratitude. This words can also be offered for human being that girlfriend don’t have pilikia with, serving as a reminder of her love and also gratitude for them.

As you say this words, it’s additionally best to think the Christ. He loves therefore perfectly, and also you have the right to use that love too. I’ve discovered this old Hawaiian practice to be incredibly helpful on my trip of healing, finding within peace, and feeling happy. Ns hope you carry out too!



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