The intended forecast currently in France varies in between heat, holidays, sun and sandals.

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You’re thriving so far, many thanks to this essential social French summer expressions, however do you understand your basics?

Whether you space a bronzed sun-seeking babe or a blistering absent lobster, stay cool v these twelve an essential words and phrases for the summer.

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12 French Summer Words to Beat the Heat

1. Été – Summer


It’s obvious which word we must discover first: “été” (summer). As v English, the seasons are not usually capitalized in French. Be certain to pay fist to the context in i m sorry “été” is used, because it’s likewise found in the perfect time form of the verb “to be”.  

été (summer)

J’adore l’été! (I love summer!)

2. Chaud – Hot


What would certainly a summer be if it wasn’t sizzling hot? once strolling along the French Riviera, cocktail in hand, girlfriend will should know just how to refer your happiness in the heat. Enter:

chaud (hot)

Unlike English, to remark on your climbing temperature in French you execute not usage the verb “to be”. Rather, you “have” hot, i m sorry is the literal meaning translation indigenous French to English. Vice versa, this is the very same as if you to be hip deep in snow in the middle of December; girlfriend “have” cold.

Ooh la la, j’ai trop chaud!  (Wow, i am hot!)

This word has actually another meaning in colloquial speech. “Je suis chaud” can refer an eagerness to go somewhere or carry out something when offered in French slang. For example:

Tu veux aller à la mer? (Do you desire to go to the sea?)

Carrément je suis chaud! (Yes, yes, correctly let’s go to the sea! – Literally: “I to be downright hot.”)

Be responsibility of the context as soon as using this expression, as it have the right to be misinterpreted as having actually a sex-related connotation – an especially if spoken by a female:

Je suis chaud. (I am aroused.)

Remember the differences so as not to land you yourself in “l’eau chaud” (hot water!)

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3. Il fait beau – The weather is fine


This is one expression the aptly describes a summer in France. When casting your rigid upon an boundless blue canopy above, with only the sun to puncture the sky, you can release a satisfied, “Il fait beau!”. The phrase literally equates to “It makes beautiful,” but the phrase is a collection French expression the is supplied to explain the weather. Top top a an ext familiar level, the expression can be likened come “what a beautiful day” or “the weather is fine”. This can be reversed by it is negative the phrase as soon as the weather is less admirable, a principle mainly booked for the other seasons! 

Il fait beau! (What a beautiful day!)

Nous pouvons aller manger au parc, vehicle il fait beau! (We have the right to eat at the park, since the weather is nice.)

4. En vacances – top top vacation


Summer is the seasonal house of time off. Like most places, when the heat is on, the household is “en vacances”. Bordering Spain, northern Africa and also seaside point out down south are all famous voyage destinations for recouping French. 

vacances (vacation, holiday)

Ou est tu? (Where space you?)

Je suis en vacances! (I’m ~ above vacation!)

5. La mer ou la montagne? – The ocean or the mountain?


It is the perpetual summer dilemna! Work has ceased, the sun is shining and the humidity is rising. Where room we going to go? to the s or the mountains? favorites on the summer task list, swimming and hiking, cause a rift between schedules. World either take the beaches by storm or traverse up rocky terrains searching for that an excellent view buzz.

la mer (the sea)  

la montagne (the mountain)

On va à la mer? (Are us going to the sea?)

Non! La montagne! (No! The mountains!)

6. Maillot – Swimsuit


Baking “à la plage” or lazing poolside requires a details dress code. Even if it is braving the coast in a bikini or snapping on part speedos, you will certainly be tanning in “maillot” en français. This summer crucial can additionally be expressed more formally together “maillot de bain”.

maillot (bathing suit/swimsuit/swim trunks)

J’adore ton nouveau maillot! (I love your new swimsuit!)

7. Nager, se baigner – to swim


For those much more athletic 보다 the median beach bum, swim laps or swimming for fitness is to express by the verb “nager”. This word is really used to describe an act of swim exercise, together opposed come mere playing, be sure or bathing in water. If cooling off with water is still her style, yet you room not one for swimming the butterfly because that kilometers, the verb you want is “se baigner”. This is more accurately translated as “bathing”, and deserve to refer to acquisition a bath as well.

nager (to swim because that exercise)

Je nage chaque matin. (I swim each morning.)

se baigner (to swim for leisure; to bathe)

Je veux me baigner et me dètendre. (I desire to take it a dip right into the water and also relax.)

8. Crème glacée, glace – Ice cream


After her glorious job “dans le maillot” , the is only human to buy an ice cream cream because that the trip home. Jotted roughly your aqua to meet of an option should be stalls with words “glace” advertised above. Take relief, together this means your biggest worry now is deciding whether to have actually French vanilla or tropic mango. Back “glace” also translates to “ice”, anyone says and also understands that to be “ice cream” in the dessert realm.

glace (ice cream)

9. Coup de soleil – Sunburn


If you space predisposed come the harsh realities the burn, peel and also freckle, “coup de soleil” is a expression you will get to understand quite well. Literally an interpretation “blow of the sun” or “punch the the sun”, this hatchet is for all the delicate people of the pale persuasion. We understand the effort spent preventing and undoubtedly reassuring our translucent visage indigenous the nasty summer rays, however, with determination and also grit us bravely fight summer year in and also year out. Remain strong, invest in part aloe vera and also slather on the zinc, because you have actually some destructive sunburn.

coup de soleil (sunburn)

J’ai attrapé des coups de soleil. (I got sunburnt.) 

10. Lunettes de soleil – Sun glasses

As much as we heart summer, there room some aspects, choose the ahead coup de soleil, the are less than desirable. Every season requirements its own armor versus the extremes, and also what is a more staple summer weapon 보다 a pair the trusty sunglasses?

lunettes de soleil (sunglasses)

11. Faire un pique-nique – have actually a picnic


France boasts a large pique-nique-ing society that really concerns the fore in the summer. There is nothing more enjoyable than lounging along the Seine ~ above a clear day v some cheese, a baguette and also a large bottle that “vin rouge”. In French one does not merely “have a picnic”, but rather castle “make a picnic”.

faire un pique-nique (have a picnic)

On va faire un pique-nique dans le parc.

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(We had actually a picnic in the park.)

12. Rosé – Rosé

Clinking a please “santé” over a glass of crisp “rosé” is as synonymous with summer together shorts and also sandy shoes. If there might be one flagship beverage because that this French season it would be “rosé”. Written and pronounced the same as the is in English, “rosé” is a irradiate pink wine that is sweet and also chilled. Delicious!

rosé (rosé)

Ouvre le rosé, l’été est là! (Open the rosé, summer is here!)

Summer is great in France, and with the above twelve summer words, keeping a cool head when taking care of the warm will be far simpler than choosing between “la plage ou la piscine”.