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Gary Paulsen"s novel Hatchet is a story the survival. Thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson, traveling to watch his father, is stranded in the Minnesota woods as soon as the pilot the the plane dies native a love attack. Brian is left with no means to communicate, and also very small hope for rescue. He...

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Gary Paulsen"s novel Hatchet is a story of survival. Thirteen-year-old Brian Robeson, traveling to watch his father, is stranded in the Minnesota woods as soon as the pilot that the airplane dies indigenous a heart attack. Brian is left through no way to communicate, and very tiny hope for rescue. That must learn to make it through on his own, with simply a tiny hatchet and the apparel he is wearing, in addition to a few token items in his pockets.

Brian make the efforts to produce fire through rubbing 2 sticks with each other in chapter six, yet he is unsuccessful. In thing eight, he realizes the his hatchet may be the prize to producing fire. 

"The hatchet to be the answer. That"s what his father and Terry had been trying come tell him. In which method he might get fire native the hatchet. The sparks would make fire. Brian went ago into the shelter and also studied the wall. It was some type of chalky granite, or a sandstone, however imbedded in it were big pieces that a darker stone, a harder and also darker stone. It only took him a moment to uncover where the hatchet had struck. The steel had nicked into the edge of among the darker rock pieces."

Brian uncovered flint in the rock and was may be to use it to produce sparks. The still struggles to start a fire, though, even with the sparks. The tears increase the twenty dollar bill he has, i m sorry is useless come him now. Climate he eye a birch tree and also is may be to usage the papery bark as a fire starter. He has to shred the bark into threads and also make a kind of swarm out of it, therefore the sparks will record the bark and still have enough air to survive. The takes him number of hours, yet he effectively makes his very first fire in chapter eight.