Grab every the details the Serena Williams’ plastic surgery procedures, most notably nose job, chest implants, and butt augmentation. Inspect out the before and after pictures.

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Serena Williams is very competitive tennis player that has dominated the courts for countless decades. She strikes instant are afraid inside the psychic of her adversaries v her exceptional talent additional by her remarkable physique.

While she is a dominating athlete, questions have actually been increased on whether she go under the knife to improve certain parts of she body because that a an ext attractive appearance. Go Serena Williams experience plastic surgery? We’ve gained all the details.



Serena Williams’ Plastic surgery – walk She go Under the Knife?

Has tennis emotion Serena Williams had actually a rhinoplasty aka nose job?

As every Daily Mail, Serena had surgery ~ above 15th July 2010 adhering to a cut from broken glass ~ above her right foot. Did she have rhinoplasty together well?



Serena Williams before and after alleged plastic surgery.Image Source: load & Skin

As per recent images, the answer might be yes. Her nose looks smaller and also sharper. The arch that the sleep looks favor it might be reconstructed, most likely through a silicone implant.


She watch fantastic, through a nose project or not. Sports depicted labeled her the biggest tennis player ever. This is fairly debatable though.

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Many followers, in addition to trained doctors, believe Serena Williams underwent many plastic surgical treatment operations. Over the years, it’s clean she wants to look as beautiful as she can.


The an initial time her improvements were noticed to be on the cover of The Hamptons Magazine, i beg your pardon looked fairly new. She claimed she make a restore from injuries to she knee, however now we deserve to see she was resting after surgery.

As for she face, she watch to have actually performed Botox injections for her smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

Another part of her body the she might have changed is, that course, her bust. Breast implants were quite effective, albeit it ended up being pretty noticeable together well.


These days, she breasts space larger, rounder, and much thicker. In fact, lock couldn’t look an ext attractive.

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Another component of her body, i m sorry doesn’t watch the very same anymore, is she belly. A lot of of world reckon it seems pretty odd v a little of sagging skin that is frequently the an outcome of liposuction operation.


Did Serena Williams perform Butt Augmentation?

Butt implants acquired popularity due to the fact that of the buttock revealing antics that Jennifer Lopez. Getting a protruding butt instantly became an “obsession” amongst many ladies.

While not universally approved by men, jutting buttocks have actually undergone a vigorous trend. Stars such together Lil Kim and also Nicki Minaj have concentrated on dangling buttocks together butt augmentation is on the rise in the last couple of decades.

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Looking at her before and after images, there appears to it is in no change in her target size. Some of them revealed Serena Williams standing upright in a single image and another shot reflecting the tennis star through her spine flexed.

In any event, it is i can not qualify to snapshot celebrities such together Serena Williams wanting development in buttocks because that styling purposes.

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Butt implant surgery is a an extremely invasive procedure the takes main of restore time. Her trainers could have been against it also if she wished because that it.

A Tennis Boss suggested Serena Williams Retire indigenous the sports While she Husband Fired back at Him

It’s hard to concern the supremacy of Serena Williams, yet that did not deter one of the biggest pockets of tennis from wagging his finger in ~ her.

The 23-time cool Slam champion is normally regarded as the best female tennis player in the history of the sport.


Williams is still paris high at the age of 39, as demonstrated by she No. 11 civilization ranking and also Grand Slam semi-final run as newly as this fall.

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But together per Ion Tiriac – the billionaire head that the Madrid open up – Serena would certainly retire “if she had actually a little decency.”


Ex tennis pro and also hockey star, who has because made a huge fortune v his service operations, publicly ridiculed Williams on Romanian television in the recent interview.

He suggested the tennis legend need to stop playing actively because, follow to the Romanian publication ProSport, “at this age and the load she is now, she go not move as easily as that did 15 years ago.”

Williams’ husband, technology guru Alexis Ohanian, was not going come let this pass. ~ above Twitter, Reddit’s co-founder lambasted the 81-year-old, posting that it’s “safe come say no one offers a damn what Ion Țiriac thinks” prior to insulting his absence of cool Slam performance in his play career.

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Alongside a picture portraying Tiriac’s zero cool slam win in his career, he wrote:

Had come Google the … transforms out my 3 year old has much more Grand Slam victories than this.

Had to Google it… turns out my 3 year old has much more Grand Slam victories than this