When you an initial start the end on your farm yard you have 1 farm yard house, a shipping bin, and also Takakura"s house. Everything else must be purchased and also built by Gotz, the Carpenter native Mineral Town. Friend can call Gotz on her telephone and buy lumber, rental him because that construction, or ask the to ruin a building.

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At the begin of her farming adventure you won"t have actually a standard hardwood bin to store material in. Any kind of material you collect will certainly be save in her Rucksack (in stacks that 99) until you have Gotz construct the product bins.

There room 4 species of materials you can use because that building. The weaker the material, the an ext likely it will pass through a bad-weather storm and also be damaged the next morning.

GrassThe cheapest product you have the right to use. Grass buildings are thrifty deals, but they deserve to collapse in rain. The buildings can even collapse on clear days! You can collect Grass material by making use of your Sickle ~ above the pasture grass you can grow. You additionally can purchase the product from Rick for 20 G each, but there"s no Grass Bin to store it in until you develop the Fodder Silo.

WoodA bit better than Grass, yet still not an extremely stable. Wooden structures won"t break just because they feel choose it, however during Hurricanes and Snow Storms don"t intend them to host up. You collection Wood products by chopping stumps and also sticks with your Axe, or purchase it for 50 G each from Gotz

StoneThe many affordable and reliable product at 200 G every piece. Stone buildings deserve to withstand any weather the can happen in your game, yet on rare occasions can be destroyed. Most of the time you won"t have actually a difficulty with rock buildings collapsing on you, yet keep in mind the it can happen. Quit the rocks and also boulders through your Hammer to collection this product for free.

golden LumberFinally this material has a purpose! A structure made through Gold can stand up to any type of weather that it has to go through. They room also an extremely expensive to build. Yellow Lumber have the right to only come indigenous the Thomas" Winter Request occasion (just prefer the one in friend of Mineral city for GBA) or indigenous buying it straight from Gotz for 100,000 G a piece.

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When you rental Gotz to build a building he will certainly ask you what material you great to use. The will likewise offer the option to purchase the important material in ~ the same time together his employed staff payment, or if you already have the products on hand. The only structures you can"t choose your material to us room your house upgrades and also your Duck Pond. Those structures must be made using Stone. The next day he will stop by her house and also ask girlfriend to pick a ar for the brand-new building to it is in constructed. Every one of Gotz"s work take 3 days, through time turn off for festivals and Saturday. Rental him to demolish a structure only takes that 1 day.

BuildingMaterialsCost (alone)Cost (plus materials)
HouseUpgrade #1req. Table200Stone: 3000 GStone: 43,000 G
HouseUpgrade #2req. Kitchen in JP version700Stone: 10,000 GStone: 150,000 G
Bath room580Grass: 3000 GWood: 30,000 GStone: 60,000 GGold: 600,000 GGrass: 4160 GWood: 32,900 GStone: 176,000 GGold: 58,600,000 G
Toilet room400Grass: 2000 GWood: 20,000 GStone: 40,000 GGold: 400,000 GGrass: 2800 GWood: 40,000 GStone: 120,000 GGold: 40,400,000 G
Basement #1 underground greenhouse999Grass: 10,000 GWood: 100,000 GStone: 200,000 GGold: 2,000,000 GGrass: 30,000 GWood: 150,000 GStone: 400,000 GGold: 102,000,000 G
Basement #2underground greenhouse999Grass: 50,000 GWood: 500,000 GStone: 750,000 GGold: 7,500,000 GGrass: 70,000 GWood: 550,000 GStone: 950,000 GGold: 107,550,000 G
Basement #3underground greenhouse999Grass: 200,000 GWood: 2,000,000 GStone: 3,000,000 GGold: 30,000,000 GGrass: 220,000 GWood: 2,050,000 GStone: 3,200,000 GGold: 130,000,000 G
Poultry Barnhouses 4 birds420Grass: 500 GWood: 5000 GStone: 10,000 GGold: 100,000 GGrass: 8900 GWood: 26,000 GStone: 94,000 GGold: 42,100,000 G
Livestock Barnhouses 4 animals500Grass: 680 GWood: 6800 GStone: 13,000 GGold: 130,000 GGrass: 10,680 GWood: 31,800 GStone: 101,300 GGold: 50,130,000 G
Fodder Siloholds cut grass100Grass: 200 GWood: 2000 GStone: 4000 GGold: 40,000 GGrass: 2200 GWood: 7000 GStone: 24,000 GGold: 10,040,000 G
Mushroom House300Grass: 1000 GWood: 10,000 GStone: 20,000 GGold: 200,000 GGrass: 7000 GWood: 25,000 GStone: 35,000 GGold: 30,200,000 G
Maker Barn360Grass: 3000 GWood: 30,000 GStone: 60,000 GGold: 600,000 GGrass: 10,200 GWood: 48,000 GStone: 132,000 GGold: 36,600,000 G
Wood BinStone Bin100Grass: 200 GWood: 2000 GStone: 4000 GGold: 40,000 GGrass: 2200 GWood: 7000 GStone: 24,000 GGold: 10,040,000 G
Gold Bin100Grass: 2000 GWood: 20,000 GStone: 40,000 GGold: 400,000 GGrass: 4000 GWood: 25,000 GStone: 60,000 GGold: 10,400,000 G
Vacation Villaextra house999Grass: 1,000,000 GWood: 10,000,000 GStone: 20,000,000 GGold: 200,000,000 GGrass: 1,020,000 GWood: 10,050,000 GStone: 20,200,000 GGold: 300,000,000 G
Duck Pondfish storage600Stone: 100,000 GStone: 220,000 G

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