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Harvest Moon: an additional Wonderful Life Cheats for GameCube

gain tons of random items and/or money in the game! while the video game is on and be all over in the game other than for the start display screen or cut scenes, have one more controller plugged into the 3rd slot on her gamecube. This can be done simply by unplugging your 1st controller and plug it into the 3rd controller slot. During gameplay, press Z on the third controller. You will get a arbitrarily amount of item in random amounts in your backpack, moreover, you will acquire 99 of every tools and also records because that sure. If you execute not like your items, simply repeat the process and friend will obtain a various amount of items everytime!Alternatively if you push the start button the game will give you many money.

Contributed by: Crono3001

Unlockable items

The hoes and sickles that can be unlocked needs you to get the an excellent field cleared prior to you can acquire them. The an excellent field deserve to be obtained during thing 2.The fishing rod have the right to only be obtained in chapter 2 or later.The seed maker can be derived from Daryl till Takakura uses you the option to order the seeds maker.

Unlockable Unlockable Befriend give (Chapter 2+) Befriend Cody (Chapter 4+) Befriend Gustafa (Chapter 3+) Befriend Galen Befriend Flora (Chapter 3+) acquire it immediately after buying the goat Befriend Wally (Chapter 3+) Befriend Ruby Befriend Daryl Befriend Lumina (Chapter 3+) Befriend Tim Befriend Cody Befriend Romana Befriend Vesta Befriend Dr. Hardy Befriend Wally
Alarm Clock
Drum Set
Fishing rod (G)
Flora’s Necklace
Goat Milker
Gold Medal
Ruby Spice
Seed Maker
Sheet Music
Strange Hoe
Strange Sickle
Watering can W
Weird Hoe
Weird Sickle
Wool Clippers

Contributed by: Crono3001

just how to Unlock some animal Unlockable Unlockable Befriend Romana In autumn of thing 2, wake up up in ~ a later time in the morning than your then the male Romana will knock at her door and give girlfriend a cat you need to buy a pond because that 2,500G from Takakura.

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Then, throughout Summer of chapter 2, wake up up in the morning at a later on time 보다 your the men you got Buy it from Van because that 4,000G anytime he has his shop open during Spring.

Contributed by: neoneopet

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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FAQ/Walkthrough through Raserei Hojo 149K
FAQ/Walkthrough by XxstutterflyxX 84K
Animal guide by Hilsonluva13 23K
Child Rearing FAQ by StardustAndSun 44K
Cutscene FAQ by sleep_is_wrong 89K
Hybrid crop Guide by StardustAndSun 42K
Marriage overview by Raserei Hojo 28K
Recipe guide by StardustAndSun 38K
Wild Plant guide by Aqlex239 72K
Connectivity overview by Entegy 55K