Right ~ above the heels the releasing images of Harry, Ginny, and also Albus Severus, Pottermore common the very first cast image of Ron, Hermione, and also Rose in Cursed child today. While over there are more than a couple of details to freak out around in the images, maybe the most crucial one is what the cast photos reveal around Ron and Hermione"s marriage — arguably among the many controversial object in the fandom, even to this day.

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Most fans remember the uproar in beforehand 2014 once J.K. Rowling revealed her belief that Hermione should have married take care of Potter. "I wrote the Hermione/Ron connection as a type of great fulfillment," Rowling said in an issue of Wonderland guest-edited by Emma Watson, the original Hermione in the movie series. "That’s how it to be conceived, really. For factors that have actually very small to do with literature and far much more to execute with me clinging to the plot together I first imagined it, Hermione finished up v Ron." She apologized if fans were disappointed, and included that in she imagination, Ron and Hermione would definitely have needed marital relationship counseling.

It seemed like a fairly harmless comment at the time — ns mean, what was she going to do, write fan fiction the her very own work and also break them up? and also then the unthinkable happened: Rowling is composing a fan fiction of she work. Well, type of. Take care of Potter and also the Cursed child will inevitably depict the an extremely marriage the J.K. Rowling essentially doomed in the interview, the same marriage that Rupert grint theorized would finish in divorce.

It"s due to the fact that of these high profile comments by Rowling and also Grint the all eyes space on Ron and also Hermione in this upcoming sequel, and also why these photos shared of harry Potter and also the Cursed son today room so much more far-ranging than you can initially think. When you look in ~ Ron and also Hermione in this images, castle look — challenge I speak — rather happy.


Ron appears to have the cheerful look of a dude who still supports the Chudley Cannons, clearly still attract his mother"s knitting, and works in a hoax shop through his older brother. Hermione still has actually that wry however kind nature, and also is looking rather fierce in she ministry robes. Their daughter increased is grinning v anticipation for her first year in ~ Hogwarts. The seems, for every intents and also purposes, that in spite of the controversy, the Weasley-Grangers space doing simply fine.

And to trust me, this is no accident. When you to compare them come the photo of Albus, Harry, and Ginny that was released just yesterday, friend immediately an alert the identify tension.


Harry is plainly solemn, Albus is ill in ~ ease, and Ginny is the just one among them smiling, tho nowhere nearly as generally as the Weasley-Grangers. I don"t think this spells problem for Harry and Ginny"s marriage, of course, however I do cite this to point out that it"s clear the they are not shying far from setup the tone for each of this families prior to we learn around the plot details — and the tone because that the Weasley-Grangers seems considerably lighter.


As someone who has actually never to be a large fan the the Ron x Hermione ship, I"m genuinely curious exactly how their marital relationship will be represented in the play. If they do end up getting along, it would be satisfying to see how J.K. Rowling provides it work, and how the two of them have actually learned to deteriorate each other"s personalities. It"s relatively clear from the photos that they"re still inherently the civilization they were as soon as we left castle 19 year earlier, however hopefully their partnership doesn"t have nearly as numerous ups and downs as it walk then.


In any case, this plainly bodes well because that the Granger-Weasley clan. I foresee a the majority of punch lines entailing their connection to lighten the stress of all the #drama walk on in the Potter fam. And also I likewise foresee a many multi-generational ass-kicking native Hermione and also Rose, if she takes ~ her mother as lot as J.K. Rowling says she does.

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