After four years that hijinks, squabbles and also crazy wigs, Hannah Montana sang that swan tune with a — we"ll speak it, teary ! — hour-long series finale Sunday.The episode focused on the ancient friendship between Miley (Miley Cyrus) and Lilly (Emily Osment), who have made plan to attend Stanford together. Unfortunately, just prior to orientation...

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After 4 years of hijinks, squabbles and also crazy wigs,Hannah Montana sang the swan track with a — we"ll speak it, teary ! — hour-long series finale Sunday.

The episode concentrated on the old friendship between Miley (Miley Cyrus) and Lilly (Emily Osment), who have actually made plan to attend Stanford together. Unfortunately, just prior to orientation, Miley is offered a duty in a Steven Spielberg blockbuster opposite Tom Cruise and shooting in Paris. What"s a famous-yet-loyal girlfriend to do?

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In the end, both Miley and Lilly make the right choices for each of them, yet not without exchanging some tearful native and huge hugs -- a smart relocate considering the the girls" friendship was the heart of the show.

Jackson (Jason Earles) additionally had a parallel friendship story as soon as his nemesis and frequent antagonist Rico (Moises Arias) realizes the Jackson is the closest point to a friend he has. Rico comes through with Jackson"s dream job -- a video game tester — great for earning sufficient money to reciprocate his girlfriend Siena"s (Tammin Sursok) pricey gifts.

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Also authorized in for a final farewell were dad Robbie (Billy ray Cyrus), Lilly"s soulmate Oliver (Mitchel Musso), Miley"s friend Jesse (Drew Roy) and also mean girls Ashley and Amber (Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Shanica Knowles).

Warm fuzzies aside, the wouldn"t it is in a Hannah Montana episode without a little, or really, a most wackiness. Below are 10 the the silliest moments from "Wherever i Go":

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1. Miley provides fun the herself: when her dad doubt Miley"s intentions, she replies, ""Cause I"m lying v my crooked however uniquely charming teeth."

2. Miley provides fun of her dad: "You know, the closer I gain to 18, the an ext useless friend become," Miley speak him after he tells her to do her very own decision about the movie.

3. Jackson it s okay squeezed by a python: physical humor through snakes. What"s no to love?

4. Miley"s atrocious French: While make the efforts to annoy Lilly into deciding the going come college together would be more trouble 보다 it"s worth, Miley starts her French 101 class loudly -- and also poorly pronounced-- in the automobile on the way to Stanford.

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5. Siena insults Rico: She reveals she less-than-sweet side when she repeats Jackson"s opinion the Rico. Specifically, that he"s "a pustule sore top top the devil"s hairy butt."

6. Miley converts Lilly-speak: Who knew the "Pfft!" had actually so much meaning?

7. Robbie"s plane etiquette, revealed: He"s into eating musical fruits so he deserve to "toot" roughly rich people who blame the on every other.

8. Oliver 1-ups Jesse: When Jesse offers Miley a mixtape farewell gift, Oliver scrounges approximately his pockets to present Lilly ... Some provided lip balm. He saves himself, however, by telling her, "It has my kisses anywhere it."

9. Luggage privacy screen: Each time that Miley and also Lilly kiss their corresponding boyfriends at the airport, a substantial cart stacked through luggage conveniently rolls on display screen to block the view. Oh, Disney Channel!

10. Jackson and Rico"s non-hug hug: After the guys acknowledged your bromance, they do the most awkward attempt at a hug ever, adhered to by a much more sincere exchange that insults. Oh, boys!