One of numerous highlights that this month’s Wamego, KS, OZtoberFest came on Saturday morning, October 5th, once The OZ Museum unveiled its recent acquisition. That takes a specially created eleven-foot-tall situation to home it, but an yes, really “Winkie Guard” spear -- actually provided in the 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie musical version of THE sorcerer’s OF OZ – currently holds one of the certain “pride of place” corners that the world preeminent repository the Oz memorabilia. ~ above OZtoberFest Saturday, the Winkie spear attracted practically eight hundred eager viewers, and the counting has because climbed well past one thousand. (As an average of forty-thousand visitors yearly tour the museum, the lovely to imagine the level of excitement this brand-new treasure will elicit in the year ahead.)

The prop to be purchased in ~ auction earlier in 2019 and also joins several other very rare MGM items in Wamego’s ever-burgeoning collection. The latter currently includes several original Munchkin costumes native the OZ film, and also a miniature rubber winged monkey, offered (with numerous others, marionette fashion) in the background of the movie’s Witch’s Castle and also Haunted woodland sequences.

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For those die-hard MGM fans wondering around some the the foregoing nomenclature, I should acknowledge that words “Winkie” never shows up in the OZ motion picture. The prevalent, however, in L. Candid Baum’s initial book, THE exorbitant WIZARD that OZ (1900), once he supplies it to surname the western section of Oz, where the angry West that the West resides and also rules. (In Baum’s text, the Munchkin country is the east quadrant that the land, and the Quadling nation is the to the southern – v the Emerald City in the dead facility of his astounding geographic creation. The isn’t till Baum’s 2nd Oz book, THE MARVELOUS floor OF OZ <1904> the the name of the fourth, north section is provided: the Gillikin Country.) so the Winkie nation – and also its residents, the Winkies – are prominent in the Oz book.

They’re additionally prominent in plenty of descriptive paragraphs in the OZ “continuity script” of march 15, 1939. This was a shot-by-shot, line-by-line synopsis the the rough, two-hour, very first assemblage the the whole film, ready by editor Blanche Sewell. As she describes the activity in every moment of the picture, she repeatedly referrals the angry Witch’s guards together Winkies. However, nowhere (even in the twenty-minute-longer version of OZ Sewell is notating) walk anyone say the word “Winkie” on-screen.

Thus, any confusion is understandable!



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Yet here you can actually check out what that is plus-side (and all the excitement) are about. This MGM OZ movie treasure might now be check from all angle in its new Wamego house -- and also here’s one more round that gratitude come Marissa Streeter because that the photography.>


A few notes around the MGM Winkie corps:

a) Did you ever notice that lock all consisted of – and also “colorized”! – to resemble their beak-nosed, green-faced commandant?