One of many kind of highlights of this month’s Wamego, KS, OZtoberFest came on Saturday morning, October fifth, when The OZ Museum unveiled its latest acquisition. It takes a specially built eleven-foot-tall case to residence it, but an authentic “Winkie Guard” spear -- actually used in the 1939 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie musical variation of THE WIZARD OF OZ – now holds one of the certain “pride of place” corners of the world’s preeminent repository of Oz memorabilia. On OZtoberFest Saturday, the Winkie spear attracted almost eight hundred eager viewers, and the count has because climbed well beyond one thousand. (As an average of forty-thousand also visitors each year tour the museum, it’s lovely to imagine the level of excitement this brand-new treasure will certainly elicit in the years ahead.)

The prop was purchased at auction earlier in 2019 and also joins a number of other extremely rare MGM items in Wamego’s ever-burgeoning collection. The latter currently consists of a number of original Munchkin costumes from the OZ film, as well as a miniature rubber winged monvital, provided (with many others, marionette fashion) in the background of the movie’s Witch’s Castle and Haunted Forest sequences.

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For those die-tough MGM fans wondering about some of the foregoing nomenclature, I need to acknowledge that the word “Winkie” never appears in the OZ motion picture. It’s common, however, in L. Frank Baum’s original book, THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ (1900), as soon as he supplies it to name the western section of Oz, where the Wicked West of the West stays and also rules. (In Baum’s text, the Munchkin Counattempt is the eastern quadrant of the land, and the Quadling Country is that to the south – through the Emerald City in the dead facility of his astounding geographical production. It isn’t until Baum’s second Oz book, THE MARVELOUS LAND OF OZ <1904> that the name of the fourth, northern section is provided: the Gillikin Counattempt.) So the Winkie Country – and its citizens, the Winkies – are prominent in the Oz book.

They’re also influential in many type of descriptive paragraphs in the OZ “continuity script” of March 15, 1939. This was a shot-by-shot, line-by-line synopsis of the turbulent, two-hour, first assemblage of the entire film, prepared by editor Blanche Sewell. As she explains the action in eincredibly minute of the photo, she repetitively referrals the Wicked Witch’s guards as Winkies. However, nowright here (also in the twenty-minute-longer variation of OZ Sewell is notating) does anyone say the word “Winkie” on-display screen.

Therefore, any confusion is understandable!



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however here you can actually view what its plus-side (and also all the excitement) are around. This MGM OZ movie treacertain might currently be examined from all angles in its brand-new Wamego residence -- and here’s another round of gratitude to Marissa Streeter for the photography.>


A few notes about the MGM Winkie corps:

a) Did you ever notice that they’re all consisted of – and also “colorized”! – to resemble their beak-nosed, green-confronted commandant?