I seem to recall that the GTA 3 Android port can not only use some of the computer mods, yet the save documents were also cross compatible.

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I figured the same might be true through the angry City port, but I haven't had actually luck acquiring them to work. The first odd point I i found it is that the records are "GTA3sf1.b" rather of the "GTAVCsf1.b" specify name convention the the computer version of VC uses. I simply assumed this was a carryover indigenous the GTA3 port and also didn't think it would be an issue.

But after renaming the records to have VC instead of 3 I placed them in the save directory and also tried to pack them. Yet instead the loading, it just started a new game.

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Is there any way to convert them to effectively work? I'm to run the most up to day version on heavy steam if that makes a difference.


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