This is the most renowned rookie card of the man who won an ext games in the 1990s than any kind of pitcher in baseball. Greg Maddux did no possess the overpowering stuff that characterized Sandy Koufax or i get it Clemens, however his capability to exit hitters coupled through pinpoint control made the a star. In the beginning, Maddux walk not show up to be a star in the making, walking 6-14 with an ERA of 5.61 for the Chicago Cubs, but he was established to show the human being that that belonged. This eight-time All-Star winner 18 yellow Gloves, one all-time record, which surpassed Brooks Robinson (17) and also Jim Kaat (17) because that the many at any kind of position. As soon as it concerns this rookie card, there are a couple of things to note. First, store in psychic there space two various versions, the wax pack and factory collection cards. The factory collection examples space slightly smaller sized than the wax load version and also are often found with dull corners due to the cellophane wrapping they were tightly packaged in. Both versions room subject come chipping and edge wear along the black color borders.

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Gregory Alan “Greg” Maddux (April 14, 1966-) is the just pitcher in the history of the significant Leagues to victory 15 gamings in 17 continually seasons, and was the very first pitcher in background to win 4 straight Cy Young Awards (a feat suitable by Randy Johnson). The Chicago Cubs took Greg in the second round the the 1984 MLB June Amateur Draft; after countless clubs passed end the future room of Famer for fear that his little physique might hinder his performance. Tiny did they recognize the gem the they had plucked out of the draft in the 2nd round, as Maddux went on to become the winningest pitcher in the significant leagues throughout the 1990s with a 176-88 record, a 2.54 ERA and also 1,764 strikeouts. Greg won his very first of four consecutive Cy Young Awards through the Chicago Cubs (1992) before coming to be the ace of the Atlanta Braves superb pitching employee that had fellow Cy Young winners Tom Glavine and John Smoltz. Greg was primarily a ground-ball pitcher, who focused much more on control as opposed to velocity, which in turn induced infield hits and thereby permitting him to field many grounders earning him a significant League record 18 National organization Gold glove Awards.

Extremely durable and also consistent, Maddux led the NL in starts 7 times, innings pitched and shutouts 5 times, earned run average 4 times, wins, finish games and also strikeout-to-walk proportion three times and also twice in winning percentage. The Professor, as he was named for his expertise of the game and also study the batters’ habits and also tendencies, used pinpoint accuracy to knife eight All-Star video game selections and also four Cy Young Awards and also four National league The Sporting News Pitcher of the Year awards (1992-1995). During his Cy Young streak the went 75-29 v 733 strikeouts and also an incredible 1.98 ERA. Maddux, Glavine and Smoltz assisted the Atlanta Braves reach three World series (1995, 1996, 1999) and won the 1995 title over the heavy-hitting Cleveland Indians. The pitched for 23 seasons in the National organization with the Cubs (1986-1992, 2004-2006), the Braves (1993-2003), the Los Angeles Dodgers (2006, 2008) and the san Diego Padres (2006-2008). Greg is one of only a handful of pitchers to document 300 wins and also 3000 strikeouts and also only Warren Spahn (363) has actually had much more wins since 1920 보다 Maddux (355). Greg Maddux perfect his career v a 355-227 record with 3,371 strikeouts and a 3.16 job ERA.

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In the field, Maddux winner 18 gold Gloves top top a .970 job fielding percentage with 546 putouts, 1,194 assists, 98 twin plays and 53 errors in 1,793 chances. Greg Maddux was nearly a unanimous choice as he gotten in the nationwide Baseball hall of reputation in 2014 and was enshrined alongside longtime teammate and also fellow 300-game winner Tom Glavine.