I"ve already made a picspam with these two scene, yet the I compared them to various other scenes. If doing it ns realized the I had to make one more one whereby I just contrasted these two, since in a method they are much more alike. They"re also more special, because it"s the an initial times that they actually say the indigenous "I love you" to each other. Ns hope you enjoy it! :D

2x13 "O Brother, where Bart Thou?"&2x25 "The good-bye Gossip Girl"


B: Chuck! Stop!




B: And Germany?C: To choose up her favorite stockings. Friend know just how I adore them.

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B: What space you doing right here then?

B: No, you don"t. Girlfriend don"t appreciate anything today, but I don"t care. Everything you"re going through, i wanna be there for you.
C: You to be right. I was a coward running away again and everywhere ns went you captured up v me. For this reason I had to come back.

B: We"re Chuck and Blair. Blair and also Chuck. The worst point you"ve ever before done. The darkest assumed you"ve ever before had. I will stand by you with anything.
B: But deserve to you to speak it twice? No I"m serious, to speak it twice.

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C: I love you. I love you. That"s three. Four. Ns love you.
Watch them:2x13 - Blair: "I love you"2x25 - lining : "I love friend too"Screencaps indigenous blairandchuck.comMy other picspams:Chuck and also Blair confess that they love each otherChuck and also Blair deny their feelingsChuck and Blair try to seduce each otherChuck and Blair hurt each other
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