If you have actually an insatiable appetite because that anything tuna, climate this is the recipe you should try.

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The best component about that – it’s a casserole.

You don’t have to worry around all kinds of different ingredients and the mess through preparation.

Tuna Casserole is a classic dish that deserve to be all set quickly and also easily in a single-sized baking dish.

It looks prefer a straightforward dish, however the taste and flavors are amazing.

The dish is elbow macaroni, a type of pasta that resembles a bow-tie, tuna, or chicken, and also a mixture that vegetables, consisting of peas and also carrots, which provides it a very delicious flavor.

As the name suggests, the recipe for Tuna Casserole consists of box tuna fish together its major ingredient, along with macaroni noodles, milk, butter, and also other flavors such as salt and pepper.

Generally, cream soup such together a mushroom soup have the right to be added to give it an ext flavors, but this action is optional.

Some civilization also include potato chips ~ above top, which provide great crunchy texture to the dish.

Tuna casserole deserve to be served either warm or cold and also tastes good with salad and also bread.

There are numerous variations to this dish, the most common being the addition of cheese which provides it a creamier taste.

In this article, us will give you a step-by-step technique to prepare the dish, together with some good side bowl that will go well through it.

Why take into consideration Serving next Dishes for Tuna Casserole?

Tuna casserole has been a staple of the American diet for plenty of years.

While that is fairly simple to throw together, serving side dishes with tuna casserole have the right to make her meal the much more interesting and also flavorful.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that next dishes should complement well through a tuna casserole.

For example, if you arrangement to serve it v a full-bodied red wine, then her side dish need to be equally flavorful and also hearty, like garlic bread or steamed vegetables.

Side dishes because that tuna casserole can selection from anything prefer veggies or bread to also fruit.

Strange combination, girlfriend say? not at all.

For example, are you placing grapefruit halves onto her plate alongside this classic dish? it adds something contempt sweet come an otherwise savory dish.

So, if you’re exhausted of the very same old tuna casserole, shot serving it with some side dishes.

It may turn the end to it is in a better experience 보다 you thought.

What to Serve v Tuna Casserole – 8 best Side Dishes


This classic dish can be offered with miscellaneous side dishes, however some stand out from the crowd.

Below room eight an excellent options because that side dishes to serve through tuna casserole:

1 – Garlic Bread


Garlic bread is a delicious next dish for tuna casserole.

It’s slightly an ext on the pour it until it is full side, for this reason it’s perfect if you’re serving this dish at lunchtime.

This tasty option pairs well through spinach artichoke dip and also spaghetti bolognese sauce.

It likewise works well with salads due to the fact that of the creamy flavor and cheesy texture.

If you desire to offer something warm alongside her casserole, climate garlic bread is an excellent option.

It brings the end the flavors in the casserole even an ext and will keep everyone’s stomachs happy and also full until dinner time.

2 – steamed Vegetables


A plain, steamed vegetable may not sound too appealing when compared to garlic bread or cacao cake.

However, it’s great side for tuna casserole.

When you desire something ~ above the lighter side for dinner, shot serving part sauteed vegetables choose broccoli or green beans.

It can be paired with virtually anything because of that neutral flavors and will help balance the end the more heavy dishes commonly served throughout dinner time.

If you’re much more into having actually something warm at dinner time, steaming your veggies is likewise a great option.

It doesn’t require much much more work 보다 microwaving them, and also it helps carry out the flavor in spices like salt, pepper, chili powder, etc.

Experimenting with various spices is a good way to add some punch to her vegetables.

3 – Garden Salad


Garden salads are a standard side because that tuna casserole, but it might be tough to convince her friends and family the this is the finest option.

When you require something irradiate to round the end your meal, there’s nothing much better than a garden salad.

It deserve to be paired through just around any dish due to the fact that of that is neutral flavors.

Due come the truth that it’s filled v veggies and also leaves, it’s additionally a really nutritious side if friend don’t feel favor eating too plenty of carbs or walk overboard on every little thing else.

It works an excellent as a palate cleanser after every couple of bites of tuna casserole.

Give it a try next time you serve tuna casserole – you’ll it is in surprised at what distinction some leafy greens will.

4 – Pickled Beets


Pickled beets room a wonderful side dish for tuna casserole.

While this might seem favor an i can not qualify option, the brings out the smell in spices prefer garlic and also onion powder that are often used when cooking tuna casserole.

Beets can also be cook alongside your casserole.

It just takes 30 minute to roast lock in the oven and also makes for a pretty presentation because they come the end all red and also shiny.

It’s also wonderful source that nutrients prefer antioxidants, which may assist protect the body versus diseases.

Both her taste buds and your waistline will thank you after eating pickled beets with this dish.

5 – Rolls


Rolls space a good side dish for tuna casserole because of your versatility.

Baking your rolls is fantastic option if you’re much more into having actually something warmth at dinner time.

This brings out the sweetness in pre-made bread dough.

It’s likewise easy to prepare before serving – simply put castle on a plate and also pop lock in the oven.

Bread goes good with most dishes, so the doesn’t matter which smell of roll you have actually alongside her casserole.

Garlic bread, sourdough, French loaf, puff pastry, or also cinnamon roll will work-related fine through this dish.

For those in search of lighter choices for lunchtime, try having your pudding mister alongside her salad rather of her rolls – it will provide you the very same amount of carbohydrate and help balance out your lunchtime meal.

6 – apple Crumble


Apple crumbles a great side dish because that tuna casserole.

Baking her apple crumble is fantastic option if you’re much more into having something warm at dinner time.

This brings the end the sweetness in the pre-made dough, yet it’s additionally quick to make due to the fact that the topping is rolled the end on height of her apples instead of combined with various other ingredients beforehand.

Both of these choices work well if you don’t feel like spending too lot time in the kitchen ~ finishing up whatever else.

They also serve as good desserts.

Even though they come the end sweet, they still work well alongside savory seafood dishes like tuna casserole.

7 – classic Macaroni and also Cheese


Classic macaroni and cheese is a an excellent side dish because that tuna casserole.

If you’re spring to add some saltiness to your meal, standard macaroni and also cheese are fantastic option.

It’s additionally full the carbs, so the will assist balance out the protein in her casserole.

If you don’t feel like spending too lot time in the kitchen after finishing up everything else, this is also an easy alternative come baking her rolls – offer them together in bowls top top the table.

This food is likewise perfect if you’re looking come experiment with various flavors since it only requires three basic ingredients to make.

Try do this in bulk beforehand for this reason you have the right to take some through you for lunch or dinner during the week.

8 – Garlic Rice


Garlic rice is a good side dish because that tuna casserole.

If you’re spring to include some saltiness to your meal, garlic rice is fantastic option.

It’s likewise full that carbs, so it will help balance the end the protein in her casserole.

If friend don’t feel like spending too lot time in the kitchen after ~ finishing up everything else, this is also straightforward alternative come baking her rolls – serve them with each other in bowls top top the table.

This dish is additionally perfect if you’re looking come experiment with different flavors since it only requires three straightforward ingredients to make.

Try do this in mass beforehand so you can take some with you for having lunch or dinner during the week.


Tuna casserole is a delicious dish that all can enjoy.

These next dishes are versatile and also easy to make – friend won’t have a tough time recognize something top top this perform to go through your casserole.

All of these alternatives work well for lunchtime, dinner, or also as an afternoon snack to birds you over until your next meal.

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At the end of the day, tuna casserole just goes perfectly v all kinds of next dishes.