What is the poem that goes, “Girls room made that sugar and spice”?

Here’s a few versions (and a small history) around the standard children’s poem concerning the differences in between boys and also girls.

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What are small Girls Made that ?

Sugar and also Spice and also Everything Nice, the course.

Illustration by mary Blair

Click to download the pdf printable black & White version What little Girls room Made of Pdf.

What are tiny Boys make of ?

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails!

What are Snips, anyway?

In the early versions of this children’s poem, the first ingredient for boys is one of two people “snips” or “snigs”, with a ‘snig’ definition a small, slippery eel.

Illustration by mar Blair

Click come download the pdf printable black color & White version What little Boys are Made that Pdf.

Who wrote the original Children’s Poem about Girls and also Boys, and also Sugar and Spice?

The rhyme sometimes shows up as component of a bigger work that a children’s poem referred to as What Folks space Made Of or What all the civilization Is do Of. Many scholars attribute the original children’s version of the poem to the English poet Robert Southey (1774–1843).

The initial version attributed come the poet Southey is:

What are small boys made of What are tiny boys do of Snips and snails & puppy dog tails and such are little boys do of. What room young females made of Sugar and spice and also all points nice

This quick version of the children’s poem is frequently found in mommy Goose nursery luck collections.

What Is the totality Poem the Girls room Made of Sugar and Spice?

What are small babies do of, made of?What are tiny babies do of?Diapers and crumbs and sucking your thumbs;That’s what little babies room made of?

What are small boys do of, make of?What are small boys do of?Snips and snails and puppy-dog tails;That’s what tiny boys space made of.

What are small girls made of, do of?What are tiny girls do of?Sugar and also spice and everything nice;That’s what small girls room made of.

What room young males made of, made of?What are young guys made of?Sighs and leers and crocodile tears;That’s what young males are made of.

What space young females made of, made of?What are young women made of?Rings and jings and also other fine things;That’s what young women room made of.

What space our sailors made of, do of?What room our sailors made of?Pitch and also tar, pig-tail and also scar;That’s what our sailors are make of.

What are our soldiers made of, make of?What are our soldiers make of?Pipeclay and also drill, the foeman to kill;That’s what ours soldiers space made of.

What are our nurses made of, make of?What are our nurses made of?Bushes and also thorns and old cow’s horns;That’s what our registered nurses are make of.

What room our fathers do of, made of?What are our fathers do of?Pipes and smoke and also collars choke;That’s what our fathers are made of.

What are our mothers made of, do of?What space our mother made of?Ribbons and also laces and sweet quite faces;That’s what our mothers are made of.

What are old males made of, made of?What room old males made of?Slippers that flop and also a bald-headed top;That’s what old guys are made of.

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What room old ladies made of, make of?What room old women made of?Reels, and also jeels, and old turn wheels;That’s what old women room made of?

What room all folks do of, do of?What are all folks do of?Fighting a spot and loving a lot,That’s what every folks are made of.