What is a cabinet analogy come school? golgi body, nucleus, mitochondria, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, vesicles, vacuoles, lysosmes, cabinet walls, and chloroplasts
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part posibilities:

Golgi bodies - janitor or anyone who packages and removes items native the school.

mitochondria - generator (provides power).

ribosomes - cafeteria lady who provides "mystery meat" (makes protein)

vacuoles - might be closets (storage)

endoplasmic reticulum - an assembly line for making hamburgers (rough ER) perhaps a...

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Some posibilities:

Golgi bodies - janitor or anyone who packages and removes items from the school.

mitochondria - generator (provides power).

ribosomes - cafeteria lady who provides "mystery meat" (makes protein)

vacuoles - could be closets (storage)

endoplasmic illusion - one assembly line because that making hamburgers (rough ER) maybe a hallway although this is somewhat of a stretch. Perhaps an air tube device to lug messages etc...

lysosomes - (digestion and also cell suicide) me destruct because that the institution in case someone invades; not certain what friend would require to failure possibly one incinerator or shredder. Or it might be the closet wherein dangerous chemicals room stored.

cell wall surfaces - outer wall of the school.

chloroplasts - (photosynthesis) if your school was solar powered they might be the solar panels.

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i am not sure what you"re asking, however it sounds prefer you"ve received the assignment of producing an analogy compare the parts of a cell to a school. This is a pretty usual assignment in life science.

An analogy is simply a comparison, so look in ~ what each part of the cell does. For example, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. What component of her school offers power? Make the the mitochondria in your analogy.

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Look in ~ the components of a school -- classrooms, closets, the principal, buses, the walls, etc. 

The vital here is that you show your teacher the you understand what the components of the cabinet do. Look those up and make certain you understand them. If you compare the Golgi apparatus to the college janitor, make sure in your analogy you show how those two room alike. 

Good luck!

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