Goldilocks Meets The big Bad wolf Darcie Sieverding, great 10 quick Story 2013

Once upon a time a girl called Goldilocks – that still hadn’t learnt she lesson – was skipping through the woods, safely far from a particular cottage. She was older now, a girl the sixteen, and also into more dangerous stunts. She had traded in her blue gown because that a black color jumpsuit, and also her curls to be tucked into a beanie.She shortly came throughout a high mansion, no by accident this time. It was painted black, and its roof was spanned with spikes and gargoyles. This was the mansion that the large Bad Wolf, now recognized as grandfather Wolf, who had retired after ~ his unfortunate adventures through piglets and also girls in red hoods, and also had do a happiness in the diamond-smuggling business.Goldilocks reached right into her duffel-bag and also pulled out her lock-picking tools. She crouched in former of the iron door and set to work, and in seconds the door clicked open. Goldilocks tip-toed inside.Rubbing her gloved hands with each other greedily, Goldilocks strode end to the unlit fireplace. Decision vases cluttered the shelf over it. She stuffed the lot into her bag and continued on her stealing-spree.Goldilocks snatched golden ashtrays, silver- cutlery, antique mirrors, the lot. Mr wolf was away at a meeting, so she would have actually tons of time to piece him the his valuables prior to he returned.But all too shortly Goldilocks froze as she heard a crucial turn in the lock. That was house early! still silent, she took the stairs two at a time to grandfather Wolf’s bedroom. She crawled under the bed and also stilled her breath.Mr wolf knew the something was various the minute he stepped right into his home. He straightened his suit and also looked around. The stalked over to the fireplace.“Someone’s taken my vases!” he snarled. That stalked about the living room in annoyance. “Someone’s taken mine ashtrays!” the stalked right into the kitchen.“Someone’s take away my good cutlery!” that stalked into his bathroom.“Someone’s taken mine mirrors!”By currently he was in a huff. The whipped his head around as he recorded the scent of a young human. Salivating in ~ the thought of a meal for his troubles, he bound up the stairs and into his bedroom on all fours.He listened carefully. That heard someone softly snoring under his bed. Goldilocks, the idiot, had actually fallen asleep again.He reached under the bed and dragged Goldilocks the end from under there. She exclaimed in surprise and shoved him away, was standing tall and defiant.“You can’t scare me!” she declared. “I’ve damaged into a household of bears’ house, ate your porridge, broke their chairs and also slept in your beds. You’re simply an old wolf. You can not scare me!”“Yes, yet the bears were different,” the wolf growled. “They eat porridge and berries. Ns eat pigs, grandmothers and little girls. And it’s time because that dinner.”The wolf lunged, claws outstretched, this gnashing. That gulped Goldilocks down whole.

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