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Unlockables - password
Alien Requirements: None Price: 12,000 an international Defense pressure Requirements: None Price: 5,000 Mutants Requirements: Beat Story mode Price: 15,000
Baragon Requirements: Using the alien faction, play "Friend in Need" in ~ Monster Island. On the isle, simply totally free Baragon indigenous the affect of the crystals and also complete the stage. Afterwards, play the "Baragon" phase at Monster Island and defeat the creature to add him come the shop. Price: 15,000 BiollanteRequirements: Using the earth Defenders, play the "Rumble in the Surf" atTokyo. In the arena, there have to be a building with a glowing environment-friendly baseand vines wrapped approximately it. Destroy this framework to have actually Biollante brieflyemerge and then disappear. After beating this level, pick the stage "Biollante"at Tokyo next, and beat the genetic monster to have the ability to purchase she at theshop. Price: 30,000 Godzilla 1954 Requirements: Have all various other monsters, conserve Godzilla 1990s, available atthe shop or have actually a specific amount the playtime registered on the video game (exact figureunknown in ~ this time). Price: 100,000 Godzilla 1990s Requirements: Buy at least one monster from every faction or win the gamewith each faction. Price: 20,000 Jet Jaguar Requirements: Unlock global Defense pressure Faction Price: 30,000 King Caesar Requirements: none Price: 10,000Krystalak Requirements: Using the alien faction, beat the "Terran Mind-Control" level at brand-new York. In the metropolis, destroy a huge crystal structure with odd rock plates at the base that is uncovered in the crater. Much later (around ripe days after), the "Rise of Krystalak" stage will appear at brand-new York and after selecting it and beating the monster the crystal creation will be added to the shop. Price: 20,000Mecha-King Ghidorah Requirements: Using the planet Defenders, beat the "Invasion" atSan Francisco. In the level, which features the Mothership looming overhead,simply loss King Ghidorah. ~ this victory, pick "M.K.G." atSan Francisco and also beat Mecha-King Ghidorah to be able to purchase the cyborgcreature. It need to be provided that because you have actually to face King Ghidorah in the "Invasion" levelthe player must choose a character from the earth Defenders the will enable thisconfrontation to happen, such together Anguirus or Baragon. Price: 50,000MechagodzillaRequirements: Unlock alien FactionPrice: 25,000Mechagodzilla 2 Requirements: Unlock worldwide Defense pressure FactionPrice: 15,000Megaguirus Requirements: Using the earth Defenders, beat the "Enter basic Gyozen" stage at London. At the city, ruin three gigantic light teal crystals. As soon as this is complete, close to the finish of the game, after ~ the Atoragon is defeated, the "Wrath the Megaguirus" stage will show up at London. Choose this and simply to win the monster to include it come the shop. Note: the "Enter basic Gyozen" stage does not actually to speak "reveal a brand-new monster". Price: 20,000MogueraRequirements: Unlock worldwide Defense pressure FactionPrice: 5,000Mothra Requirements: none Price: 10,000 Obsidius Requirements: Using the worldwide Defense force Faction, play the "BigTrouble"stage in ~ Seattle. At the volcanic area, destroy the 2 cone shame crystalsdown wherein the lava meets the water then complete the level. Afterwards, select "Birthof Obsidius" at Seattle and defeat the monster to add him to the shop. Price: 20,000 Orga Requirements: Unlock alien Faction Price: 50,000 SpaceGodzilla Requirements: Using the Mutant Faction, collect at least four Power Surgesand then beat the "Tyrant" level in ~ the end of the game. This will add SpaceGodzillato the shop. Price: 100,000 Titanosaurus Requirements: Using the an international Defense pressure Faction, pat the "Soloist" stage at Sydney. On the frozen land, ruin three one "cake-shaped" ice structures that show up just outside the force field, definition a beam will need to be used. After the ice structures room destroyed, and also the level cleared, beat the "Awakening Titanosaurus" level at Sydney and defeat the dinosaur to include him come the shop. Price: 25,000 Varan Requirements: using the extraterrestrial Faction, pat the "On the Mothership " level.On this stage, damage all three purple frameworks on the wall. This will certainly befairly difficult, as each need to be damaged by the player"s beam at a variety whereit"s tough to phone call if it was actually damaged or not until backing away. Oncethis task is done, and also the level beaten, choose "Evicting Varan" onthe Mothership level and defeat the biology to include him come the shop. Price: 30,000
LondonRequirements: NonePrice: 15,000 Monster Island Requirements: NonePrice: 10,000 Mothership Requirements: Either blast down the ship in the "Invasion" at san Francisco stage and select the Mothership together the following stage choice, or play together the alien faction and select the level after one of the various other factions has taken down the vessel. After one of two people of these events, the stage should be easily accessible for purchase. Price: 35,000 brand-new York Requirements: NonePrice: 30,000 SeattleRequirements: NonePrice: 25,000 TokyoRequirements: None Price: 20,000
Set 1 concept Art 1 Requirements: none Price: 1,000

Concept arts 2 Requirements: None Price: 1,200

Concept art 3 Requirements: None Price: 1,400

Concept art 4 Requirements: no one Price: 1,600

Concept arts 5 Requirements: None Price: 1,800

Concept art 6 Requirements: None Price: 2,000

Concept arts 7 Requirements: none Price: 2,200

Concept art 8 Requirements: None Price: 2,400

Concept arts 9 Requirements: None Price: 2,600

Concept arts 10 Requirements: None Price: 2,800

Concept art 11 Requirements: no one Price: 3,000

Concept art 12 Requirements: None Price: 3,200

Concept arts 13 Requirements: None Price: 3,400

Concept art 14 Requirements: none Price: 3,600

Concept art 15 Requirements: nobody Price: 3,800

Concept art 16 Requirements: None Price: 4,000

Concept art 17 Requirements: nobody Price: 4,200

Concept art 18 Requirements: no one Price: 4,400

Concept art 19 Requirements: nobody Price: 4,600

Concept art 20 Requirements: no one Price: 4,800

Concept art 21 Requirements: none Price: 5,000

Concept arts 22 Requirements: no one Price: 5,200

Concept art 23 Requirements: no one Price: 5,400

Concept art 24 Requirements: none Price: 5,600

Concept arts 25 Requirements: no one Price: 5,800

Concept arts 26 Requirements: None Price: 6,000

Concept art 27 Requirements: None Price: 6,200

Set 2

Trailer Requirements: None Price: 0

Video 1 Requirements: None Price: 0

Video 2 Requirements: none Price: 10,000

Video 3 Requirements: none Price: 0

Video 4 Requirements: none Price: 10,000

Video 5 Requirements: no one Price: 10,000

Video 6 Requirements: None Price: 10,000

Video 7 Requirements: none Price: 10,000

Video 8 Requirements: nobody Price: 10,000

Video 9 Requirements: None Price: 5,000

Video 10 Requirements: None Price: 10,000

Video 11 Requirements: no one Price: 15,000

Video 12 Requirements: None Price: 20,000

Video 13 Requirements: None Price: 25,000

Video 14 Requirements: nobody Price: 30,000

Video 15 Requirements: None Price: 35,000

Video 16 Requirements: None Price: 35,000

Monster hint 1 Requirements: None Price: 3,000

Monster hint 2 Requirements: no one Price: 3,000

Monster hint 3 Requirements: None Price: 3,000

Monster note 4 Requirements: None Price: 3,000

Monster hint 5 Requirements: none Price: 3,000

Monster note 6 Requirements: None Price: 3,000

Monster hints 7 Requirements: None Price: 3,000

Monster hints 8 Requirements: None Price: 3,000

Monster hint 9 Requirements: nobody Price: 3,000

opening Cheat menu
To open up the cheat intake area, merely press A and up ~ above the directional pad ~ above the remote at the very same time when Story setting is emphasize on the key menu.
Toggle video game Version Number: 787321 set Day in Story Mode: 0829XX The "XX" is the specific day you desire +1. Therefore 09 would generate a an outcome of job 10. Please note that you must have actually started a save game already for this to work. include 90000 keep points: 031406 display Monster Moves: 411411 Unlock All: 204935
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