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God of battle is an action-adventure game emerged by Santa Monica Studio that released on the playstations 2 console in 2005. Loosely based upon Greek mythology, it tells the story that a Spartan warrior named Kratos who seeks revenge top top Ares, the god of war, for the deaths that his wife and also child. With these God of War cheats, friend should have actually no trouble rising to the occasion.

The adhering to cheats room for the 2005 God the War for PlayStation 2. We likewise have different cheats forGod the War2018 for PlayStation 4.

exactly how to Move quicker

Use the best analog pole to make Kratos role forward, then press R1 come execute a Hermes Rush shoulder charge prior to the roll ends. Repeat to move faster.


how to Get countless Experience in Pandora's temple

During Atlas"s quest in Pandora"s Temple, you conference a collection of rock walls you deserve to climb. Over there are number of armored legionnaires who shot to knock you turn off of the walls. Kill all of them first, then rise to the peak of the tallest ledge. If you look close enough by among the surrounding treasure chests, you have to see what looks favor a holographic harpy flying in one spot. Kill it and it keeps coming back to life so you deserve to kill it again and also again. You have to be mindful in this area, yet it"s a good way come raise your weapons and magic spells to the maximum.

how to deal with the Harpy Puzzle

When you"re in the room filled through harpies that keep coming as soon as you kill them, they"re coming out of odd-looking holes. To prevent them, usage the shields that the statues in the room to block the entrances. The left frosting is put in the best hole, and the best statue go in the left hole. Sheathe the holes as conveniently as feasible to prevent taking hits and losing health.

Once every holes are blocked off, death the continuing to be harpies. Go up the stairs come the ledge through the plank that fall off as soon as you go across. Don"t issue if friend fall; just get back up and shot again. Together the boards proceed to crumble, the correct route is revealed, and also you don"t need to worry around being bombarded by harpies.

how to pull Off rapid Time occasions

Some fast time events are difficult to execute. For example, to kill the Hydra, you should press the O button repeatedly very quickly. A beneficial trick is to organize the controller with your left hand and also make your appropriate hand right into a fist v the thumb sticking out. This method your ideal hand is totally free to quickly staccato win the O button with her thumb. This lets you use your wrist instead of trying to rapidly move your thumb.

just how to Unlock God setting and an obstacle of the god

Beat the game on any an obstacle setting to unlock God Mode. Then, you can pick it once you begin a brand-new game. It makes enemies substantially stronger. Completing the game also unlocks secret videos featuring turned off levels and challenge of the Gods, a collection of quick bonus stages.

God the War an enig Codes and also Easter eggs

Once friend beat the video game in God Mode, you check out the same ending you watched in normal Mode, yet you likewise get a toll-free call number come call: 1-800-613-8840. Contact it for a congratulatory blog post from Kratos.

Additionally, visit the throne room ~ beating the game and also attack the 2 statues in ~ the bottom of her throne. After several hits, you gain a 2nd toll-free phone call number: 1-888-447-5594.

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