The Correct definition of God Bless you in English is GBU. Other similar words because that God Bless You include God Bless You. Check out this page to analyze God Bless you (GBU) into English accurately.

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God Bless You meaning from Urdu to English is GBU, and also in Urdu that is created as خدا تمہاری مدد کرے. This indigenous is created in roman Urdu.

God Bless You definition in English - uncover the correct definition of God Bless friend in English, the is crucial to understand the word properly once we translate it from Urdu to English. Over there are always several definitions of each word in English, the correct definition of God Bless friend in English is GBU, and in Urdu we create it خدا تمہاری مدد کرے that is spelled as God bless you. ~ Urdu to English translate into of God Bless You, If friend have worries in pronunciation 보다 you have the right to hear the audio of the in the digital dictionary.

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