Lea Michele tweeted this photo, “In anticipation the tomorrows an extremely memorable episode.. Us took this photo.. We call it GLEE-MAIDS.”UPDATE: The Trevor Project, the organization that offers crisis and also suicide avoidance services to LGBTQ youth, will certainly run a PSA best after the episode airs. (Trevor Project)Episode tho from Mr. Max Adler

Who wins Regionals? will certainly Quinn be in a automobile accident? did Karovsky shot to walk suicide?

UPDATE: West Coasters searching for Spoilers:NEW direction WINS REGIONALS. After being bullied and harassed by his classmates after ~ Nick spread the news the he was gay, Karovsky tries come commit suicide by hanging himself–intercut through Blaine to sing “Cough Syrup”. His dad find him in time. Sebastian recalls being cruel come him at Scandals and also decides to contact a truce with new Directions–that’s why everyone looks happy because that each other in the clips. Will reveals that he virtually committed suicide once he was a junior in high school–over being caught cheating ~ above a test. He nearly jumped off the peak of a building but stopped himself. Because of Karovsky’s near suicide, Finn and also Rachel decision to gain married ~ Regionals. Sue is pregnant, but does not disclose the father. Quinn wants to be a Cheerio again. After speak no first, Sue welcomes her ago in. Cut visits Karovsky in the hospital. Karovsky ultimately feels what that must have actually been favor for Kurt once he was bullying him. Kurt helps Kurovsky envision his life in 10 years–helping Kurovsky see that a happy life is possible. Lock pledge to it is in friends. After ND wins Regionals, The Berrys, The Hummel-Hudsons, Will, Sue and the children gather because that Finchel’s wedding. But Quinn is really late. Rachel doesn’t want to begin without her, therefore she keeps texting her, wondering where she is and when she’ll arrive. When Quinn checks out her latest message from Rachel, she is BROADSIDED yet a truck. Fade to black. It is the cliffhanger.

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UPDATE: Co-Creator, Ian Brennan will certainly guest-star as one of the judges in ~ regionals. (Daily Herald)UPDATE: according to the human who posted the screen caps: The Quinn cap is the last scene of the episode. We won’t understand if Finchel it s okay married or not. Quin is answering a message from Rachel, Karovsky tries come commit suicide during Cough Syrup, “I can not tell which club wins”, Quinn promised Rachel to it is in a bridesmaid (Tumblr)

UPDATE: There is Sebastian/Karofsky communication at one point (flashback come Sebastian gift cruel to Karovsky at Scandals), The scene through Quinn standing while Rachel make the efforts on she dress the was watched in the promo was reduced (ONTD_Glee)UPDATE: indigenous a Grant Gustin interview v Billboard. He says that the Sebastian/Blaine partnership is “more increase in the air” than it was at the finish of “Michael” (Billboard)UPDATE: spoilers from 2 Glee fans that saw a screener (Via HERE) (HERE)ONTD_Glee summary HERE.Kurt and also Blaine do NOT break UPThe cliffhanger has actually nothing to perform with Karovsky or the Finchel wedding.The cliffhanger is “effective. A little bit contrived and I’m certain it’s what many human being have predicted, yet it’s effective.”No one leaves anyone in ~ the altar.Karofsky has actually a dream sequence where he has a companion (NOT KURT)“There is some an extremely heavy Karofsky stuff, yes. Max Adler yes, really gets part stuff to sink his teeth into. On that, so does chris Colfer”Blaine is in the elevator in this episodeThe an initial song, sneeze Syrup, wake up in the very first 10 minutes of the show. Blaine is performing it together a possible competition solo, through Kurts watching. The power is intercut with an important scene. It’s exceptionally emotional and powerful. (The scene has actually nothing to carry out with Kurt and Blaine) (Probably requires Karovsky)Karofsky desires to it is in Kurt’s friend, and Kurt agrees, however there is NO romantic or physicality in between the twoKurt and also Rachel are looking in ~ wedding magazines in ~ the Lima Bean before their confrontation through Sebastian. Cut is still think they should wait, however he’s softened a tiny about the wedding.The 3rd choir is called the golden Goblets, they sing a choir chant that lasts around a minute.The cliffhanger involves “You and also a crate of tissues”Quinn has some sweet scenes v SueFinn find out about the blackmail photoWe don’t discover out who the father of Sue’s baby isRegionals happen prior to the wedding, in the middle of the episodeThe cliffhanger is “life threateningly big” and also “multifaceted”There is a discussion with members the ND and also Sebastian about how he practically took Blaine’s eye out.ND and Warblers space on much better terms at Regionals and we find out whyThe episode starts with the Sebastian/Rachel/Kurt blackmail sceneWe uncover out the winner of Regionals.Rachel’s dads have some great comedic stuffUPDATE: watch the Warblers and new Directions perform at regionals in ~ the above links. Notice exactly how happy the kids look together they watch their particular rivals perform. Blaine claps and also smiles together he city hall Sebastian, the male who practically blinded him with a slushie, sings. Sebastian also cheers on new Directions (after trying to blackmail Rachel previously in the episode). Hm.

UPDATE: brand-new Video Preview (below): at the Lima Bean, Sebastian attempts to blackmail Rachel right into dropping the end of regionals v a naked (totally photoshopped) photo of Finn. Kurt is there and gets right into a bitchy exchange with the angry Gay Warbler.Glee Digital BillboardUPDATE: added a sneak peek video clip from FOX. Chris Colfer states he walk “a most crying” in the episode, and that it will certainly be an emotionally roller coaster for the fans. (Video in ~ the bottom the the page)

UPDATE: Comment native a crew member about Dave Karofsky’s storyline – In solution to: “Max killed it (and good to have him back)” – “Max eliminated it” – careful what you great for… (VIA Mr. Max Adler) Hm…UPDATE: Young The Giant’s hit single “Cough Syrup” will be featured in the opened scene of the winter finale the Glee. (Sung by Blaine) (Anti-Music)UPDATE: from E!Online Spoiler Chat: “When you stated the Regionals episode would leave a details fanbase pissed in her last recap, walk you average Brittana fans?! you re welcome say no! The shocking moment we to be talking around in the last Glee-Dux walk not straight involve Brittany (Heather Morris) and also Santana (Naya Rivera). Now go take it a breath. Also, native what we’ve heard, there is something major in the really beginning of the episode and also something significant at the an extremely end. (EOnline)UPDATE: See brand-new FOX promo below. Rachel and also Finn room dressed because that a wedding. Sue Sylvester announces that she’s pregnant. Quinn and also Sue have some type of confrontation. Blaine serenades kurt in an north auditorium, Sebastian confronts Rachel at the Lima p (Kurt is likewise there), Scenes native Rachel and also Finn’s wedding. Quinn make the efforts to stop Rachel native marrying Finn. Hiram Berry claims to Burt Hummel “We’ve got to stop that wedding.”

UPDATE: Vanessa Lengies (Sugar) defines the episode-ending cliff-hanger: ““It’s ours regionals episode, and also it’s a substantial jaw-dropper,” she reveals. “When I review the script, ns was shocked, since it takes friend on a big roller-coaster ride. In nearly everyone’s storyline over there is a surprise, so i was top top the leaf of mine seat the entirety time i was reading it.” Touting the episode even further, she says: “It end with one of those scenes wherein you simply can’t believe what’s happening.” TVLineUPDATE: Glee reportedly filmed a car accident scene ~ above Friday Feb 10 .  see the picture at FyeahGlee Dianna Agron tweeted photos that appear to have been taken in ~ that ar HERE and HERE.

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SummaryIn a deceitful bid come secure a Regionals’ win for his Dalton Academy Warblers, new Directions’ arch competitor Sebastian tries come blackmail Rachel come pull the end of the singing competition. When a devastating event shocks the McKinley community, it causes the students come reevaluate your priorities, and inspires Mr. Schuester to expose an uncharacteristic minute from his past. Meanwhile, a reinvigorated Quinn do the efforts to restore her place on the Cheerios, Finn and also Rachel do a suddenly decision around their future together, Kurt help a troubled friend with a challenging situation, and Will it s okay a surprising brand-new ally.Guest Cast: Chord Overstreet together Sam Evans; Damian McGinty together Rory Flanagan; Vanessa Lengies as Sugar Motta; Jeff Goldblum together Hiram Berry; Brian Stokes Mitchell together LeRoy Berry; NeNe Leakes together Roz Washington; Grant Gustin together Sebastian Smythe; Max Adler together Dave Karofsky. Also: Vanessa Lengies together Sugar Motta, Romy Rosemont together Carole Hudson-Hummel, Mike O’Malley as Burt Hummel, Samuel Larsen as Joe Hart, Iqbal Theba as major Figgins

The main story line is of course, the huge faceoff between brand-new Directions and also The Warblers, but one of the backstories entails Karovsky. Both Kurovsky and also his dad do an illustration in this episode. A fan whose sister to be on set snapped image of “Karovsky Bedroom” and, most interestingly, Karovsky Hospital Room. Might Dave Karovsky be in ~ the facility of the “devastating event” defined in the an overview that “shocks the McKinley community”? can Karovsky it is in the “troubled friend” that kurt helps?Also, there is chatter that a wedding to be shot. Lea Michele dropping every sorts of ideas on twitter (see tweets below like “Had a fitting for #Glee tonight for a an extremely very white dress….” and “All united state ladies in ~ the bridal shop! So much fun! #Bridesmaids” Damian McGinty told