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abcd is a rectangle. Find the size of each diagonal. 0 votes

AC= 3y/5 and also BD= 3y-4

rectangleaskedJun 28, 2013in ALGEBRA 2by mathgirlApprentice

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Given the ABCD is a rectangle and also AC = 3y/5 and BD = 3y - 4

Given AC and also BD space diagonals. In a rectangle diagonals space equal.


Therefore AC = BD

=> 3y/5 = 3y - 4

=> 3y = 5(3y - 4)

=> 3y = 15y - 20

=> 12y = 20

=> y = 20/12 = 5/3

Therefore AC = 3y/5

= 3(5/3)/5

= 1

and BD = 3y - 4

= 3(5/3) - 4

= 5 - 4

= 1

Therefore size of each diagonal is 1.

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