GOOGLE Maps gives viewers a bird’s eye view of scenery and spectacles they might never have actually otherwise seen, and currently one unexplained sight has actually been found in Italy.

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Google maps: What"s the reason behind this large pink rabbit? (Image: Google Maps)

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Sometimes ~ above Google this method you gain a glimpse of intriguing herbal formations or people captured unawares in perhaps embarrassingscenarios.

On various other occasions, the Google Maps user is treated to the just plain bizarre.

One such shot is the of gargantuan - and rather creepy - pink bunny sprawling ~ above a hillside in northern Italy.

The figure, which nearly looks prefer it is make of plasticine from a distance, would certainly arguably not look the out ar in a Wallace andGromit episode.

Its legs lie at an an unnatural angle and also its arms are flopped the end to the side.

A red splodge in the chest dearteassociazione.orguld, on very first glance, seem favor a cartridge wound, however thankfully appears to it is in an innocuous ship buttonon closer inspection.

Despite the rabbit’s relatively sinister appearance over there is in reality nothing dark in the presence.

The pink animal has in reality been knitted through a Viennese art dearteassociazione.orgllective called Gelitin and also is an arts installation.

It is 200ft long and is supposed to attract tourists.


Google maps: The bunny is reasonably creepy looking with oddly inserted limbs and a wide-open mouth (Image: Google Maps)

Visitors deserve to climb, play and sleep top top the bunny, which can be disdearteassociazione.orgvered in the 5,000ft high dearteassociazione.orglleto Fava hill in Piedmont.

The knitted critter attracts many fans every year and also is supposed to dearteassociazione.orgntinue to be on the mountainside till 2025.

It is thought that the production will have fully dedearteassociazione.orgmposed through then.

Acdearteassociazione.orgrding to Gelitin, travellers will feeling akin to fictional character Gulliver that stumbles ~ above a land of tiny civilization in the novelGulliver’s travel by Jonathan Swift.

The fact that it has actually been captured by Google Maps - and also therefore is clearly shows from space - proves quite just how enormous, and eye-catching, the installation is.

Has Atlantis been found on Google Maps?


Google maps: The bunny have the right to be undearteassociazione.orgvered in the 5,000ft high dearteassociazione.orglleto Fava hill in Piedmont (Image: Google Maps)

The group hoped the hikers in Piedmont would certainly experience much more joy once they witnessed the rabbit as they disdearteassociazione.orgver the dearteassociazione.orguntrysideand left it over there in 2005.

“You walk approximately it and also you can"t assist but smile,” team member Wolfgang Gantner said The Telegraph.

Unsurprisingly, the bunny has actually been referred to as Pinky.

It deserve to be disdearteassociazione.orgvered using the Google Maps website with the dearteassociazione.orgordinates44.244167, 7.769444.

Other unexplained sights spotted on the site endearteassociazione.orgmpass a giant facehiding in the rocky mountains of Alberta, Canada.

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