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Will Ferrellloves two things: comedy and sports.

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It shows in his comedy. The former SNL cast member has actually been labeling a member that the “Hollywood Frat Pack” alongside partners Vince Vaughn,Owen WilsonandJack Blackfor his bro-specific comedic stylings. Ferrell is a member of the yes, really Delta Tau Delta Fraternity and is famous for play man-children, the type you could expect to find at a frat party.

But Ferrell was never ever a meathead. He’s a present co-owner of the MLS franchiseLAFCalongside sports superstars Mia Hamm and also Magic Johnson, yet Ferrell’s very first love is laughter. He put his talents to work during his legend stint on SNL, playing a wide selection of zany characters.

Between his very first cold open up to his last night ~ above Weekend Update,Will Ferrell etched himself right into SNL’s mountain Rushmore.

Will Ferrell’s beloved characters sometimes appear normal indigenous the outset but behave much more and an ext outrageously together the map out rolls on. Such is the case with among Ferrell’s most renowned sports-related skits native SNL season 24, “The loud Baseball Dad,” AKA “Get ~ above the Bag, Brandon!”

Will Ferrell’s “Loud Baseball Dad” Sketch

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The best means to destroy comedy is to over-explain it. Clock the skit and also enjoy.

Ferrell loves the contrast between the ordinary and also the outrageous. (Perhaps that’s why so countless of his characters are one or the other — boringly well-adjusted or nearly a cartoon.)

On the zanier side of the spectrum, we see Mugatu indigenous “Zoolander” or Ron Burgundy from “Anchorman.” On the ordinary side of things, we have Harold Crick from “Stranger 보다 Fictionand James King native “Get Hard.”


But here, in this classic SNL sketch, Ferrell strikes a balance between ordinary and also outrageous. The result, the course, is just outrageous.

The lay out starts on a usual Saturday morning in the park. The sunlight is shining as parents fill the stand of a little League game, eager to cheer on their children. Chris Parnell, Tim Meadows and also guest star buy it Michelle Gellar beat the parents. Horatio Sanz plays a fed-up umpire, and also Ferrell plays the screaming, beer-drinking father.

Here a few of his best lines:

“Brandon, obtain on the damn bag!”

“Hey, son, are you make the efforts to do an ass that me?”

“I will certainly chain you come a pipe in a crawl room if friend don?t acquire on the bag, now obtain on the bag!”

Baseball Dad is much from Ferrell’s most renowned sketch, yet it is just one of his most famed sports-related sketches. Ferrell has actually a long-standing love and respect because that sports, beginning in his childhood and coming out in his experienced comedy career.

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The sad part about this sketch is just how painfully true that is. Attend any type of youth sporting activities game and you’ll uncover a dad choose this. I guarantee it.