Lee Ann Womack was getting a little fed up v the Nashville music scene and also its modern-day country trappings. The 51-year-old singer/songwriter was beginning to lengthy for the days once musicians to be musicians — in it for the sheer love that the craft.

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So because that her latest album, “The Lonely, the Lonesome and the Gone,” the Grammy-winning, multi-platinum marketing artist — in addition to husband/producer candid Liddell — recruited a band and hit the highway come Houston. The result? A transcendent, haunting album the embraces Womack’s country roots.

“The reality that we weren’t recording in Nashville, wherein you go out to the hallway to gain a cup of coffee you’re gonna run right into a bunch of world talking around inane stuff, it to be so nice to it is in in a studio in a city where the civilization are just right into the music,” Womack explained.

“It’s not widgets come them. It’s no what I contact a ‘McRecord.’ It’s no a ‘Do you want fries through that? do you desire a radio hit through that?’ It to be just an excellent for our heart to it is in around. The reminds friend of why you got into music in the an initial place. Not to do money, but due to the fact that you’re thrust to do music.”

Womack will do Jan. 23 at the Performing Arts facility at Kent State college Tuscarawas.

Born and raised in Jacksonville, Texas, v a bowl jockey dad, Womack was pretty lot enamored with nation music as early as she can remember.

“I would hear these song he to be playing and think, ‘Maybe one day human being would hear mine?’ ” she said.

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Since her debut in 1997, Womack has released almost 10 records, carry out duets with Willie Nelson, George Strait, Keith Urban, man Legend and Joe Nichols, won countless Country Music Awards, and also she has likewise earned lot of Grammy nominations for writing and singing the music that stays the facility of who she is.

“I’m attracted to rootsy music,” she said. “It’s what moves me.”

In advancement of her brand-new Philadelphia show, Womack talked around her new album, working with Willie Nelson and how she adapted to and continues to it is adapted to the success and notoriety of she 2000 mega-hit song, “I hope You Dance.”



Q. Where do you gain the document title, “The Lonely, the Lonesome and also the Gone?”

A. “That’s the human being I revere and also the people I sing for.”


Q. The album’s an initial single “All the Trouble” is yes, really a haunting representation of your nation roots. What to be the song’s inspiration?

A. “I don’t remember precisely what we were stating when we came up with the idea for the one, yet I recognize there was an choice going on! (Laughs). That probably brought about the idea that trouble! ns sing a most times about troubled civilization or troubled times or concerned minds. So carry out my co-writers. We’re just kind that kindred spirits in the sense.”


Q. The last two records have actually been on an ext independent/niche labels. How has actually the suffer been placing out music greatly on your own terms?

A. “I’m so lot happier 보다 I’ve ever been. When we were making this record, we simply did it on our own and didn’t worry around what anybody else might want or think. Us were able to make a record and also then find a label that got it and also was right into it. That’s really the method music have to be made, girlfriend know?”


Q. Does songwriting incentive come in waves?

A. “I find that I’m an ext inspired come write when I actually block off all the time and also get every little thing else turn off my mind. It’s practically like I deserve to make that happen. Once I’m really busy, I’m no as influenced to write.”


Q. What to be the experience like working through Willie Nelson?

A. “I’ll tell girlfriend a quick story around Willie Nelson that someone told me. I have actually a friend who plays in a the majority of clubs under in Texas, and over the years he ended up being friends v Willie. One night, Willie simply showed increase at one of his gigs through his guitar, and he sat down and also started playing. My girlfriend asked Willie, ’What execute you desire to play?’ Willie said, ‘Tonight, I’m just a sideman.’ That’s what I’m talking about. People who just want to play because they love to play. It’s not, ‘How much am I gaining paid? exactly how much publicity am i gonna get out the it?’ To find those human being in Nashville no longer is an extremely difficult. It’s simply not what it’s about anymore.”


Q. “I expect You Dance” to be such a mega-hit because that you. Plenty of artists have actually sort that a love/hate partnership with song that gain that big, particularly when crossover success happens in other genres. Sometimes artists distance themselves from your own greatest songs. Through that gift said, exactly how do you view ‘I expect You Dance" today?”

A. “I thought about distancing myself, yet I had to remind myself — if you piece that tune down … if i sat down and also just played that tune for you through an acoustic guitar, it’s a totally different thing. I didn’t create the song, so i think I deserve to brag on the lyrics and also the writers. It’s a actual lyric that brought healing to so plenty of people. As sappy together it can seem v the record and also the whole phenomenon that occurred with that — if you piece all that away, it still just is a track that renders me think about my two little girls and the things I wanted for them in life. It’s to be a very an individual song to a lot of people. We carry out it a lot much more stripped down now and also focus an ext on what the tune really says.”


Q. To be it complicated for you to be perceived as a popular music star after her breakthrough success?

A. “It to be a difficult time because that me, since so much of the focus went far from music and onto every the trappings the go along with being a quote/unquote star. Ns am not a star. I never ever was. I’m a musician. I’m a country singer. Once all the focus went to all the various other stuff, it to be distracting, the was not fun, i did not have a great time. I would go to events, and I would check out Buddy Miller and also Patty Griffin throughout the room, and also I would think, ‘That’s whereby I’m headed.’ ns really just had to fulfill my contract, and also then got to be through the cool kids.”