Having a Family

Don Anselmo is the protagonist of the quick story “Gentleman of Río en Medio” composed by Juan A. A. Sedillo. That is an old guy descendent of mexican Americans who born and also lived up in Río en Medio, brand-new Mexico. He is a respectable, humble and generous man who cares a most the people approximately him. The most necessary value the represents Don Anselmo is demonstrate through the advancement of the story is the importance of having actually a family.

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For Don Anselmo the household is a an extremely important value. Its importance is existing from the beginning to the finish of the story. Don Anselmo has actually a particular form to introduce himself in the conference he has actually with city council Catron. Prior to considering a brand-new offer proposed by the Americans, the people who desire to purchase Don Anselmo’s house and property and also the primary purpose that the meeting, the old male starts a conversation about his family.


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during this conversation, the emphasizes just how proud that is for having a very large family in which the is favor the “patriarca”. As soon as Senator lastly had the chance to make the brand-new offer, Don Anselmo does no accept that immediately. The is possible to infer the the old gentleman does not respond because he was thinking in his family and community. That feels that he cannot accept this offer since he does no deserve more money for market something the he think about a gift indigenous nature to his family.

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in ~ the end of the meeting Don Anselmo determined to refuse the new offer in order to respect the value of nature and also the love that he and also his family members feel because that it. (By Nicole Ferrer)

Other reason to say that the highest possible value of Don Anselmo is the household is that virtually every human in Rio en Medio space they descendants. In several components of the story “Gentleman of Rio en Medio” the writer emphasizes using the characters the prominence that the household has come Don Alselmo. Also he states in the story that the kids of Rio en Medio are his sobrinos and nietos, component of his family. Prefer the oldest male of the village, the human being there belong to him. Because that this reason, he demonstrates the duty that has actually with his household that is the civilization in Rio en Medio. This display us why he nothing accept an ext money because that the revenue of his soil or the reason to states that the tree aren’t that he, castle belong to the kids in Rio en Medio. Once more time us realize the the value ideal describe Don Alselmo is having a family since he has actually a responsibility with his descendants and also a respect to them. (by Edrick Negron)

The last factor to say the the most essential value that guides Don Anselmo’s habits in “Gentleman kind Rio en Medio is having actually a family since every time a boy was born in Rio en Medio, Don Anselmo planted a tree because that that kid (par.11). That was favor a birth gift, so the tree belong to the child. When the americans complain about the children trespassing the fence to play at the orchard after ~ Don Anselmo offered it come them, they want him to prevent the children for act it. Since the children were component of Don Anselmo’s family they assumed he had the strength to stop it. As soon as they face Don Anselmo he stated that that couldn’t do a thing around it due to the fact that the trees belonged come the child and not to him (par. 12). Once Don Anselmo didn’t offered the trees due to the fact that he couldn’t; the american bought the tree from every single children. (By Bryanda Diaz)

Don Anselmo’s biggest value is having actually a family. Three factors why the is a household man space presented in the story. To be a household man has being caring and Don Anselmo demonstrates this in the story once he speak he offered every boy in the city a tree together a birthgift. Likewise it claims he is proud of his huge family; every boy in Rio en Medio is his nephew or grandchild. Having actually a family consists of being honest, caring, loving and also have wisdom, and Don Anselmo have every one of this.

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