Who founded (CORE) congress of racial Equality?
James Farmer
What walk the (JAIL) Japanese Amer. Citizens organization do because that Jananese Amer. After ~ the war?*Govt. Come compenstate those sent to camps for their lost property *called for payjment to each indiv. Who suffered evacuation &internment
What Janpanese sities walk the atomic bombs acquire dropped on?Hiroshima and also Nagasaki
The password name for the Allies intrusion of France?D-Day
What to be the surname of the conference that the UN was formed?Yalta Conference
What walk the Govt. Perform to combat wartime inflation?*raise and also extend the revenue tax. *impose wage and price regulate *encourage the acquisition of battle bonds.

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What go the office that price administration (OPA) do?fought inflation by freezing price on many goods.
What was the GI invoice passed to do for servicemen?*To administer education and training because that veterans *to provide loan promises to veterans purchase homes and farms or starting businesses.

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Who is A. Philip Randolph?*Organized a march on Washington *President that teh Brotherhood that sleeping car Porters *Called because that equal legal rights inboth the military and denfense sector for blacks
Who met in February 1945 at Yalta to produce the United nations (UN)?Roosevelt, Churchill, & Stalin
Which country had its funding city divided into 4 sectors after the war?Germany
George Patton*led the 3rd Army *liberated Paris from 4 year of German occupation *Said "Dear Ike: toaday i spat in the seine"
Which Soviet city walk the germans failure to capture that was close to a significant supply route and also was a truning point for the allies?Stalingrad
Who commanded the troops of procedure Torch?Dwight D. Eisenhower
Why was the fight of the Bulge essential to the Allies?It was Germany's last stand. Every the (German's) can do was retreat when it was over
Why did Germany almost win the battle of the Bulge?*Allies go not think thier own knowledge reports of major campaign through Hilter.
Who do the decision to use the atom bomb?Truman
Chester Nimitz*Commander of us naval forces in the Pacific. *Intercepted massages the Japanese pressures of end 110 ships to be headed towards Midway
What is V-E Day?May 8, 1945 *unconditional surrender the the Thirs Reich * V-E Day=Victroy in Europe Day
Mac Arthur vowed to return wherein after that was forced out?Philippines
Another name for concentration camp?Gigantic killing Plant
What space Nisei's?Jananese AMer. Born in the united States?
Who was the scientist the headed the Manhattan Project?J. Robert Oppenheimer
What did the War production Board oversee?The conversion from peacetime to wartime economy
The code Name for the atomic Bomb was?Manhattan Project?
What added to the Soviet victory at the battle of Stalingrad?*Harsh Winter *Soviet Counterattack *Hilter refused to bespeak a retreat
What to be Congress of racial Equality established to do?To challenge urban distinction in the North
General MacArthurLed us troops into fight on the Pacific archipelago of layte, Gradalcanal and Okinawa *Hleped Rebuild Japan after the war * The Japanese constitution is known as MacArthur Constitution