ok gents,A really poor windstorm the other day knocked power out. I have a 15kW Generac LP-powered genset and we controlled pretty good. My concern is maintenance. I need to stock increase on oil filters and air filter to carry out the maintenance on my machine. I"ve gathered the number from my genset, and also I"m do the efforts to find the company interval in runtime hours to understand how often to adjust the oil. The an equipment ran for virtually 24 hours solid this critical time, other than for as soon as we closeup of the door it down to examine the oil. It runs a weekly system examine for about 20 minutes, and also it"s which a fwe various other times because I"ve relocated in (8 month ago). My goal is to change the oil in the following week or 2 (I"m in a wheelchair temporarily and have come arrange assist on this things), and also to share up maintenance supplies and get on a standard maintenance plan. Can anybody aid me find the organization intervals for my machine? I"m also interested in finding regional FRAM/standard automotive filters to use instead of the Generac brand filters, if possible. So, cross referenced part numbers would be good as well. There space no Generac business centers in ~ 100 miles of my area. Please, ARFCOM SF, aid me out! I understand you have the right to do it!Generac 15kW Aircooled, LP sustained genset v automatic transfer switchEngine # OE6219 00175Engine version GT990Serial # 7705052Oil Filter # 070185B (superceded through 070185D)Air Filter # C8127Again, if anyone can aid with business interval information, technical information (oil capacity, other specs), overcome referenced filter numbers, or a great online resource for parts/service equip i would love the help!Thanks!
Oil filter Wix 51394 easily accessible at napa or fleetfilter.comAir filter no cross referenceI go see home Depot has a maintenance kit for generacYou think you have actually it bad.I just bought a Lombardini diesel generator make in Italy after ~ 2 days of looking I finally was able to cross recommendation after I received the OEM parts and got the numbers off the filter versus part numbersI personally would pick up a couple of filter at napa and then bespeak a instance to have actually on hand native fleetfilter.comHope this helpsBTW The generator the diesel replaced is a 8KW 16 hp briggs and also the hand-operated says to change oil every 25 hours if under hefty load, every 50 hours otherwise and also filter every 100 hoursI think the engine in yours is a relabeled Briggs
I have this very same gen set...Generac 15kW Aircooled, LP fueled genset through automatic transport switchInstallation and Owners manual Oil capacity is 1.7qts consisting of filterSpark plug is RC12YC gapped come 0.508mm or 0.020inchCompression proportion 9.5:1Generac oil filter 070185B, but Home Depot tote the 007185, and also it is fine to use.Generac air filter 0C8127Valve clearance 0.002-0.004inch (0.05-0.1mm)The just thing ns can discover in the manual around service expression schedule is:Inspect fuel lines monthlyinspect oil level monthlyChange oil after break in and yearly, the book recommends 5w-30 fabricated after break-inChange oil filter after rest in and also yearlyInspect and also clean louvers weeklyInspect, clean, tighten battery and also terminals monthlyInspect charge, electrolyte levels, and replace battery if needed bi-annualyInspect and replace air cleaner yearlyInspect and replace plugs yearlyInspect general condition monthlyI have the right to not discover anything in the hands-on reference transforming the oil after expanded run time, but I have actually sent an e-mail inquiry to get an answer.I have not replaced items the are good and clean on mine choose the wait filter. I have actually cleaned and gapped the plugs when in 2.5 years. I likewise just put in a brand-new battery, as the one that was in there emerged a crack in the instance (replaced under warranty, pro-rated turn off a 60 month term) for $41.00Have no found any kind of cross over #"s for the filters, despite I have actually not looked hard, for this reason I simply order mine (Generac labeled) turn off the internet, and keep some spares in the garage.The generator real estate on mine has started to rust in an ext than a pair of places, so, repairing the rust will be the next tiny project. Hope this helps.

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You males are really great. That"s some wonderful technical information and also it will come in handy! The overcome referenced NAPA numbers will certainly be useful too. It"s my plan to buy maybe a situation or for this reason of oil filters, a handful of airfilters, and a couple of spark plugs, head gaskets, motor mounts, and also other supplies. Just in case. The real estate on ours has actually started come rust a little bit too, and we cleaned up quite a little bit of battery corrosion once we confirm the oil. Quite spic and span now, but I"ll must remember to store an eye ~ above it. There"s some type of ground connection wire in between the floorboard that the housing and also the removable former cover; the ring terminal on that wire had rusted through. Simple enough fix, though. I"m kicking roughly the idea of one extra maybe wooden enclosure to aid reduce sound volume, or rather redirect that skyward. The genset is nearly right external our bedroom window (the way the residence is designed, there wasn"t any other great place for it) so while it"s tolerable, much less is better. You men rule, i knew I can count on y"all.
I acquired a reply to my concern on how regularly to inspect and/or adjust the oil during an extended run time.They recommended checking the oil every 24 hrs, and also to change it every 100 hours.So taking this into consideration, I will be adding a few more filter to the inventory.
I simply noticed HD has actually the filters on clearance yet I quiet think the Wix native fleetfilter.com is the best deal
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