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Update: contest is over. Winners will educated via email.Sure, X3F is already giving away the new Combustible Map load to two lucky (and random) reader to freckles up their Gears of war 2 online experience but we didn"t think that was nearly enough. That"s why, in a stunning present of holiday spirit, we"ve chose to provide away even more Gears of war 2 in-game swag! We"ve been sitting top top a stack (actually, five sets) of golden Lancer and Hammerburst codes and also today we"re providing you a possibility to win them. Here"s just how you can win:
To victory leave a comment and also keeping through the yellow theme, tell united state if you had actually the Midas Touch what would you prefer to turn right into gold ... Let"s keep it clean though, okay? You may leave one comment. Posters of lot of comments will be disqualified. We"ll expropriate entries until 5:00PM eastern today, December 19th. You have to be at least 18 years old to enter. This giveaway is open just to residents of the U.S. And Canada (excluding Quebec). Later on today, we"ll pick five (5) winners via a arbitrarily drawing. Five winners will certainly each get one (1) gold Lancer download password for the Xbox Live Marketplace and one (1) yellow Hammerburst download code for the Xbox Live Marketplace.
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