Virtual worlds - 10 cost-free Websites and Games prefer Club Penguin

There are many websites and games favor Club Penguin that offer a good experience for children, adolescents and also their parents.

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While society Penguin was one of the first really successful games in this room there has actually been a vast increase in the number of virtual worlds targeted in ~ tweens over the past couple of years together companies quickly realise the is a large (and farming market).

This overwhelming of gamings into the sector has developed some real great games prefer Club Penguin but also many negative game experiences and even some an excellent ones that have closed under (such together ToonTown Online and Star86) i m sorry can likewise be frustrating after having actually invested so lot time in a video game that you love.

If you are a fan of society Penguin spring for another fun virtual world to beat or a parental seeking information around other for sure online gamings like society Penguin because that your son (or children) climate this web page will prove to it is in an invaluable resource.

I initially put this list together for a family friend and decided come share it right here so other fans that the club Penguin universe have the right to find comparable experiences that space both fun, friendly and safe. If you have actually any extr favourite gamings please don't hesitate to share castle in the comment ar at the end of the page.

Online digital Worlds

Games favor Club Penguin

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1 - IMVU

An Online game Like club Penguin

IMVU focuses much more on the developing content and customising her avatar in 3D, attracting a largely female demographic that loves fashion and dress-up format gameplay. Over there is plenty of creativity associated in the video game with players able to create their own designs from scrape or mix and also match those developed by others to style a unique look.

This content society established approximately the creation and also selling of products through the IMVU catalog. Top top the social next of points there is no shortage of choices with users able to create their own public and private rooms, attach through user teams or take part in energetic community forums. The security approximately these features are fairly good and for sure private details is never provided out through automatic chat filters to keep kids safe if online.

If you desire to shot something more than just a social endure then IMVU assures an extra level of depth v the creation aspect giving you potentially limitless hours that variety.


lady popular

2 - Lady Popular

Be Curious with This renowned Fashion game Like society Penguin

Lady Popular encourages you to remain curious as you discover the people of fashion come customise your own avatar, your home and then compete versus other to prove you have an ext style.

In the game you'll follow your own avatar as they occupational a job, walk shopping and also much an ext in your journey to become the number one fashion star. While this is definitely the emphasis of the video game there is still plenty of room to create your own experience.

From the mini gamings that you have the right to play with others to the plenty of tasks native the NPCs the the game that will offer you in game currency to customise her character, decorate your own room or acquisition a pet to speak to your own.

Lady popular - official Website

Lady popular Overview


Wauies - The pets Shop Game

3 - Wauies – The pet Shop Game

Adopt A Dog In This video game Like society Penguin

Wauies is a mixture of society networking and also an digital pet website (similar to Neopets). The game is targeted at children between 7 and also 12 years of period with higher appeal to youngsters that love pets and caring because that their very own creature (in this case over 300 dog breeds).

Players take on and care for their very own dog as their pet and earn money by participating in the ar through dog shows and also other features. Making use of this currency players deserve to then buy items for your pet such as food and also items come customise your home.

If you want a virtual world that combines with looking ~ a pet animal nothing compares come Wauies.

Wauies - main Website

Wauies Gameplay



4 - Fantage

A Colourful and also Fun Virtual people Game like Club Penguin

Fantage offers a fun and also colourful game human being for players to explore, pat games and make friends. Designed because that a comparable audience together Club Penguin you'll find Fantage is a perfect alternative when you've spent sufficient time together a penguin.

Fantage aims to capture the younger audience of society Penguin making it additionally perfectly perfect for those youngsters who are just a little bit as well young for club Penguin. Youngsters as young as 4 will have actually no trouble operating the Fantage video game interface and with an extremely strict chat rules won't ever get right into trouble.

With plenty of multiplayer mini gamings for girlfriend to earn stars (the in video game currency) based upon your performance there is constantly something to perform in the people of Fantage. Acquisition these stars you'll have the ability to buy pets, new items, creatures to battle versus each other and also more.

With room for hundreds of buddies on her friends list, the ability to hold parties and also chat with various other players the social and also gaming elements definitely aren't lacking in the Fantage experience.

Fantage - main Website



5 - Wizard101

Play together A wizard In This video game Like club Penguin

Wizard101 is a popular online MMORPG aimed at kids that is released by KingsIsle Entertainment. Wizard101 (and its sister game, Pirate101) have easily grown to be one of the most popular in the genre and also features much more active gameplay than what society Penguin needs to offer.

Players take manage of one apprentice magician in the people of Spiral and also must acquire levels, spells and also equipment while perfect quests and exploring the video game world. Wizard101 likewise features premium items and benefits the are easily accessible through Wizard101 Crowns or a Wizard101 membership although a decent amount of gameplay is accessible for free.

Combat in Wizard101 is done completely in a rotate based card system that creates basic and fair way for football player to battle each other permitting it to appeal to casual gamers (and young kids). Football player can additionally join forces and engage in battles of as much as 4v4 which creates a social and also friendship facet to the video game (chat alternatives are minimal to store players for sure though).

If Wizards aren't her idea of funny then KingIsle Entertainment additionally publishes a similar game in regards to gameplay however with pirates called Pirate101. This choice will an especially appeal to those games who dropped in love through ToonTown virtual which closeup of the door in 2014.

Wizard101 - official Website

Wizard101 Trailer


6 - animal Jam

A cost-free Online video game Like society Penguin

Animal Jam is a virtual world for kids that has been farming rapidly over the past few years and also after part hands on time v the video game it is easy to call why the video game has to be so successful.

Animal Jam supplies real human being examples that plants and also animals in the game storyline to develop a an excellent virtual people filled with discovering experiences and fact finding adventures. Every one of this educational content is sourced indigenous National geographical so you know that the info is height notch (and really interesting).

The game is accessible to kids of all periods with gameplay including chat, tasks and mini games alone or with other players. Parent's require not concern because pet Jam likewise has a powerful moderation and filter mechanism (like most virtual civilizations for kids) so security is never ever a worry on pet Jam and definitely among the strongest in this space.

Like other games in this genre pet Jam needs a membership (billed regularly) come experience everything on offer. Membership supplies member only items, pets, continual gifts and also more. However, animal Jam does carry out a a an excellent chunk of content to free members uneven other similar games which deserve to prove quite restrictive without opened up your wallet.

Animal Jam - home Page


7 - OurWorld

A Fun and Exciting video game Like club Penguin

OurWorld is a virtual people that focuses on supplying tweens and adolescents a safe but an extremely fun game human being to explore. It's among the much more in depth and an obstacle games to master on the perform making it an ext appropriate for kids in the tween bracket that have actually outgrown various other options.

The game human being of OurWorld is separation into a variety of locations that each have actually their own unique theme that you have the right to use come meet brand-new people.

The game has a strong focus ~ above safety choose the assorted other gamings here come ensure its both fun and safe at all times.

OurWorld - official Website

OurWorld Gameplay Trailer


8 - Fishao

Play This Fish Adventure video game Like society Penguin

Fishao is one more virtual cosmos targeted at kids that uses plenty the exploration, adventure and fun. In Fishao you'll finish quests, resolve mysteries, beat mini-games and also explore the miscellaneous waters and also fish the the game has come offer.

The design of the video game is extremely an easy to ensure the no age is left out in the cold although teens might find the gameplay a small too basic to it is in engaging (they should take into consideration Wizard101 instead).

Fishao! likewise focuses heavily on socialising with other players and also offers tonnes that customisation options so that you can produce your own unique tiny character to discover the various game areas.

Best of every Fishao ensures that a large amount the content have the right to be explored on a complimentary to pat budget, so if friend are in search of a video game like club Penguin that doesn't do membership a finish must have there is nothing holding you back.

Fishao - main Website

Fishao Trailer


9 - Habbo Hotel

A renowned Virtual Hangout because that Teens

Habbo Hotel (or Habbo) is a society based virtual people directed in ~ a teenage audience. Habbo has over 220 million registered avatars over 150 countries so there is no shortage of human being to meet.

Habbo Hotel is separation into a hotel and website section; The hotel section is whereby all social activities and communication takes place. While the website element has a community section which features famous pages, groups, account balance, friends and recommended chat (hotel) rooms to visit.

Habbo Hotel has gone through rapid transforms over the past couple of years to incorporate many new features including user pages, groups, discussion forums and also a toolbar feature. Habbo Hotel is now not only a digital hangout yet a social networking website.

More recently the game has broadened into the iOS market, make it one of the couple of iOS games like society Penguin allowing children to play far from the computer.

Habbo Hotel - official Website

Habbo Hotel - uncover Out What Habbo Hotel Is all About


10 - society Cooee

Make Your very own Avatar In This video game Like club Penguin

Club Cooee is an virtual adventure similar to society Penguin v room based chat, mini games and also plenty of avatar customisation come enjoy. It likewise targets a comparable age demography although on the contempt older end of the scale..

Creating an account on club Cooee is cost-free and easy, within secs you'll be creating your very own avatar and also customising its attributes from head to toe. This is quite probably the best attraction to society Cooee over society Penguin i beg your pardon in comparison has fairly minimal penguin customisation.

After friend customise your very own character friend will be able to meet various other children, pat games, buy clothing and also party in ~ the disco. The video game has many of areas to visit with more constantly being added, together with all the usual events you mean to watch in a social driven game.

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Just choose Club Penguin players will earn money because that taking component in activities and mini-games which have the right to be spent on brand-new clothing and decorations for your very own club so fans of society Penguin will have actually no difficulty quickly adjusting come the new scene.

Club Cooee - main Website

Club Cooee Gameplay

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Elisanette on April 14, 2020:

My #1 was constantly Millsbury, then it was society Penguin and Poptropica. Can't forget around VMK!

CARRI ~ above April 06, 2020:

what was the website dubbed that was prefer imvu yet started with a Z...they forgot to include it!

lala on April 26, 2019:


stefan on December 04, 2018:

who remebers that site more much better than society penguin that was v bears yet i forgot the name of the site

Mito on June 26, 2018:

what is up 2018!!!

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yashwanth on august 15, 2016:

i have actually played all the games you room given!!!!!!!!!!!!

WitheredBonnie on April 03, 2016:

theres a thing and also i think its dubbed wolf club or something prefer that!

abida on January 29, 2016:

animal jam and also club penguin are both an excellent games because that kids

abida on January 29, 2016:

i think animal jam is 10000000000 times more great than club penguin however its surname is a small bit strange

lola on January 26, 2016:

i think herotopia

hi on December 30, 2015:

the other game is binweevils

hanna1819 ~ above December 30, 2015:


diamonddogrules top top October 25, 2015:

at least you have the right to do other in animal jam if her a no member, also, you room not enabled to walk in video game until the email is verified, unlike club penguin, that claims "OH, friend haven't caused your EMAIL! WELLL, you have the right to go and also stare at her empty penguin, and NOT even GO come THE ACTUAL club PENGUIN WORLD, till you've caused your email, hows that? an excellent hmm? just gonna leaving you to stare at your penguin, enjoy!" and in AJ "we space sorry come say that since LAWS ARE regulations you need to activate your email, but dont worry, we have actually sent friend a link, just provide it a quick check, and also click the activate tab! easy! and then you have the right to play!" prefer C'MON! you deserve to see a difference SURELY? and also my final allude is, as I said, you cant do lot as a no member on society penguin, unlike pet jam you have the right to actual save UP MONEY and BUY STUFF, and likewise animal jam actually has appropriate GAMES! society penguin has actually like 3 games....... No joke, well, the moment I play it there to be this strange fishing game, part REALLY monster puffle game and also that to be that, :I but pet jam has actually loads of games! yes a claw machine, a equine racing game and also wayyyy more! just one more excuse for disney to take it money from world so they deserve to have MEMBERSHIP!!!! (which is really expensive by the way,) to do movies like FROZEN??? c'mon, disney, make more movies with some real activity in them favor beauty and the beast or something.... Sheesh :I