For those that you that didn’t know, there’s stuff going roughly that Mikan and also Natsume kissed and also I’m here to collection the facts straight. After hrs of lengthy research, right here now is the last say top top the matter.

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YES! Mikan and Nastume did kiss! and also it was in the recurring Gakuen Alice manga. Here’s how the story goes. I’ve basically condensed the facts before and a little bit ~ the kiss. Here’s the manga scan as well. ^_^

At the dance, Mikan trips and also falls headfirst right into Natsume making that seem choose they kissed. Anyone was shocked but the boys were congratulating Natsume for being mature yet no one to be listening to Mikan’s sqawks of indignation.

“We did no kiss! my lips came down on his tooth!!!” wails Mikan.

Meanwhile, Natsume goes exterior while Mikan chases after the to do him retract the kissing story.

On the tree, Mikan and Natsume space still arguing around whether or no they kissed. Natsume to be insisting that they did kiss, Mikan on the other hand was vehement the her lips came down on his teeth once Natsume suddenly got hold of Mikan by she collar and pressed his lips against hers.

After a while, Natsume traction back. “So that’s a kiss, i don’t watch what’s the large deal about it,” he said before jumping turn off the tree leaving a very shocked Mikan.

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Nope, the kiss didn’t happen in the anime..too bad. I sincerely doubt if they’ll ever before animate that scene, there were a many scenes already cut indigenous Alice Academy in Animax and also the Japanese room also really strict once it comes to youngsters hugging or kissing (think card Captor Sakura The Sealed map Movie wherein the scene where Sakura is claimed to hug Syaoran to be cut).

On the other hand, this is a an excellent sign that Natsume and also Mikan will finish up together in the lengthy run. Right here are some shoujo manga signs to collaborate it:

1. Usually, the an initial guy who kisses the girl it s okay the girl in the finish (Peach girl)

2. Brash, abrasive guys likewise win over their gentler rivals in love (Fruits Basket, map Captor Sakura)

3. The first person/guy viewed the by the heroine in the story is the male she’ll finish up with (Love because that Venus)

Wai! Mikan x Natsume pan rejoice! there is hope for our favorite pair! Uwah! ns really, yes, really hope there’s a season two, the manga is amazing, definitely darker 보다 the anime. Remain tuned!