Mandee Geary and also her party went to our store back in April in preparation for her September wedding. Tiny did we know how much our hearts would be warmed through the trip these women have traveled when lock walked with the door. Together as friends, family, and soul-sisters, they had actually established and maintained a partnership that most world will never have actually the possibility to experience. Mandee, the survivor the a successful heart transplant, purchased her wedding dress in the presence of she mom, her 2 sisters, and also two that her ideal friends: the mother and sister of she heart donor.

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To them, us wish to voice a an excellent deal of evaluation for their willingness to enable us come share their story. Say thanks to you, and also best wishes.

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For Mandee Geary, the conclusion of her high school career brought an ext than college applications and also dorm assignments; more than celebrations and senior trips; an ext than caps, gowns, and ideas of “endless possibilities.” because that Mandee and her family, it was a moment of unknown adversity. “My closest friends knew what to be going on v me,” Mandee said. “As time walk on, mine health acquired worse.”

Born with congenital love problems, Mandee’s childhood and adolescence slowly progressed into a rapid regression of her health and also stability. By period 18, her only option to be the hope of a love transplant. The day prior to her high school graduation, Mandee’s wait began, a procedure that was as lot of a promise together it was a threat.

By June 5th, 2001—six job after being put on “the list” and also five work after graduation—Mandee’s human body had effectively endured she life-altering transplant. That “kind of unheard of,” Mandee said, as she mutual her recollections. Unheard of and unexpected, and the story go on. However, wherein there was relief in Logan, Utah, there was distress in Englewood, Colorado.

In response to the chance of Mandee’s transplant and recovery, family members members and friends the the heart donor were dealing with their very own recovery. A traumatic automobile accident in the at an early stage hours that June 3, 2001 caused the fatality of two neighborhood teenagers, among which being 15-year-old Nicole Scott. Nicole’s mom, Amy Johnson, was quickly thereafter approached through a nurse presenting the idea of organ donation. Having been really active and athletic in her youth, the state Nicole would have actually been left in to be unimaginable for she family.

“Nicole would not have had a high quality of life,” Amy said. “There was never ever a conversation. I didn’t even hesitate. I just said ‘absolutely.’”

It was at that minute that a relationship between the two families would begin, a connection that both parties would identify as unheard of, unexpected, and irreplaceable. Lyndsey Case, Nicole’s older sister, remembers that day and also the occasions that followed.

“In the midst of all of that,” Lyndsey said, “for me, personally, the was yes, really a mixed emotion.” She went on to describe the fight between enduring a tragedy, and embracing a sense of relief because that Nicole’s recipients. About one year after ~ the transplant, the recipient and her donor’s household got in contact with one another. The wasn’t lengthy after the the two families met face-to-face.

“I got to listen Mandee’s heart,” Amy said. “Soon after that, it was like our family members had always known each other.”

“When ns talked come Mandee,” Lyndsey said, “for me, that was favor I was talk to a long lost friend.” We had an “instant connection, her and also I. Us clicked and had a many in common.”

From climate on, the association in between the two families became much more familial 보다 social. And also 10 years later, together as a family, they space preparing because that Mandee’s wedding.

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“The commonalities that we have,” Amy said, “are unbelievable.”

Of Lyndsey, Mandee claimed “We’re an extremely close, really much alike. We contact each various other sister.”

“She’s my go-to-person,” Lyndsey said. “She’s who I call, and also vice-versa.”

“True, true spirit sisters,” Amy said, explaining Mandee and Lyndsey’s relationship, “because that Nicole.”

“It’s simply been so healing for all of us,” Mandee said.
“I simply think it’s been an amazing thing because that my family,” Lyndsey said, “dealing through such a tragedy.”

“It’s hard to imagine life there is no this family.” Amy explained. “My love aches because that Nicole. I miss her every solitary day.” But, the is because of her the “three other people live healthy, productive lives.”

“As a sibling, it is serene to me,” Lyndsey said. “I am a true believer that God has a plan for everyone. I truly believe this is what Nicole was an alleged to do.”