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Download Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton for MAC

Nancy attracted Ghost that Thornton 1.3 because that MAC app Preview 2

Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall

Jessalyn Thornton’s fateful sleepover in ~ the abandoned Thornton estate was an alleged to be a pre-wedding celebration, yet the fun finished when she disappeared. If her household searches for clues, rather refuse to speak about the estate’s dark past. Go something supernatural take place to Jessalyn, or is someone in Thornton room holding other besides household secrets?

Based ~ above the award-winning PC and Macintosh game, Nancy Drew: Ghost the Thornton Hall functions HD graphics and a totally rebuilt game engine through an intuitive touch interface.

“This is by much the many scariest game of all in the entire collection of Nancy drew games. Tread carefully when friend play the Ghost that Thornton Hall, or you will obtain scared out of your wits once you accomplish some fairly spooky apparitions. To do it even an ext exciting, we hope you won’t mind tramping with a melancholic cemetery in the middle of the night, investigate a sombre and decrepit crypt, and also plumbing the depths of claustrophobic tunnels.” – GamesWarp

Free to play because that ONE HOUR. Pay to continue and complete the mystery

deal with Two Mysteries: expose the fate that Jessalyn Thornton and unveil the truth around a household ghost• take it on the Scariest Nancy Drew situation Ever: check out crypts and graveyards and also uncover relocating statues, sliding panels and mystery passages• research Multiple engine Under a full Moon: uncover old secrets and divulge brand-new motives amongst the Thornton friends and family• clear Perplexing and Spooky Puzzles: disclose shocking proof and critical clues hidden beneath the spooky ruins• Track your Trophies: Verify your unlocked achievements on the brand-new trophy food selection display• rapid Forward Conversations: The all brand-new Fast Convo feature allows the player come accelerate v all character conversations• Resolution: HD resolution permitting animation to operation at 30 frames per second compared come 15 frames per second for the PC/Mac version• Choose difficulty Levels: Play at Amateur or grasp Sleuth level and also erase failure without beginning over• cost-free to play because that ONE HOUR. Salary to continue and complete the mysteryVarious minor pest fixesFixed lagging issueFixed conversation bug

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