There are countless fine bond themes – Goldfinger, You just Live Twice, Diamonds space Forever, Live and Let Die, We have actually all the time in the World, Nobody go it better – and a couple of shockers (All Time High, Die an additional Day, Another means to Die, Licence to Kill, For her Eyes Only, The human being is not Enough). My favourite is seldom heard uneven the movie to which it to be attached is rebroadcast: Matt Monro’s native Russia with Love.

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Monro make his name with the BBC show band, prior to which he’d propelled a bus, an interpretation he’d for ever before be saddled v the nickname ‘The to sing Bus Driver’, yet he to be a fast study and also a herbal talent, soaking up all he can from his time in ~ the BBC and his stint as vocalist because that Winifred Atwell, who provided him his phase name. However his initial explode of call didn’t critical and, by the so late fifties, the was working as a tune plugger in relative obscurity.

His second huge break come from an i can not qualify source: Peter Sellers. He to be making a comedy record with George Martin, and Martin wanted a singer to document a Sinatra pastiche the Sellers can study and copy, with a watch to do his very own version. Monro, v his Sinatra-like voice, was hired. But Sellers preferred Monro’s version so much that he chose to usage it to open his record, billing him together Fred Flange. Dispirited through this lack of recognition at the time, Monro wasn’t mindful yet of just how lucky he was: he’d impressed the man who would quickly be the most an effective record producer in the country. They’d struggle it off personally too, so soon the two of them were working with each other on a brand-new run that Matt Monro singles. Portrait of my Love was a big hit and he came second in the 1964 Eurovision, however the vital moment in their partnership had come the vault year, when they’d taped the title song for the second Bond film, native Russia with Love.

From Russia v Love (the song) was written by Lionel Bart, arranged and also played by man Barry and his Orchestra and also produced by George boy name (one hears echoes of the job-related he was doing v the Beatles in ~ the very same time: wide stereo separation, rejecting the idea the the stereo ar as a representation of musician on a stage, for example: the drums are wholly in the best channel), so the record had actually some heavy duty talent top top it, and it was these guys who to be doing the project of specifying what we think of once we think of link songs. Dr No hadn’t had a layout song, and as the second movie in the series, native Russia through Love set a most groundwork unwittingly.

Most of that here: a sense of arrangement and also harmony more classic-cool than contemporary, inventive arrangements, huge orchestrations, a charismatic command vocal, and most importantly, a feeling of foreboding. The sped-up piano* in the left channel (another quintessential young name touch), recurring throughout the song, hangs over the record favor a concern mark, and for a song about returning come a lover, once Monro sings ‘I fly to you from Russia through love’ in ~ the song’s climax, it sound ominously favor a threat. Every that’s absent is the thunderous brass, i m sorry would end up being inextricably linked with the bond franchise after Goldfinger, but which was, presumably, no composed with that in mind.

Monro’s power is a classic. This man had actually the publicly recognized respect of open minded Sinatra (‘his key was right on the nose: his indigenous enunciations letter perfect: his expertise of a tune thorough,’ stated the understand on Monro’s death), and also it’s simple to hear why. Obviously indebted come Frank however not a slavish imitator, Monro was blessed through a voice the was both one authoritative irradiate baritone and also a classy tenor, but Sinatra had it right when he remarked the Monro construed the song he was singing. His performances space thoughtful. You sense that the (and Bart, and Barry and also Martin) knew this song had actually slightly sinister undertones (they’re over there in the score and the words), and, lively to both text and also subtext, he hints at all possible meanings without coming down also firmly one means or the other. A lesser singer and also the song can have devolved right into winking camp or sung with it, oblivious; Monro was too rigorous and also disciplined to enable that.


Matt Monro – for this reason much an ext than a singing bus driver

* recording geeks may be interested to hear to the left channel, include the sped-up piano, in ~ 1.04. Hear a squirrel voice? it is someone (possibly Barry) saying, ‘Not yet… I’m no sure around this – have the right to we go again.’ earlier in the analogue days, a lot of things do it to the understand that would be simple to clean increase nowadays. This is a element example.

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